Universe Universe Universe wow such an amazing thing in the world (Universe!)..It is what it is and it is what I am..It is what we are !!

Recently I felt we humans also originated originally from soil of the earth just the way a bug emerges from rice out of no where..That means earth is our mother..galaxy is mother to earth so on..Means universe is our mother/first guru..

When we have such a beautiful, capable amazing mother to take care of us and guide us each and every step of our life…Why fear, why worry..Why fear of losing or why fear whether I will achieve my goal or not..

Are we sure our heart full and sincere goal is exactly our goal..or its the universe goal and always trying to help us achieve it!

I got an aquarium last year..I was watching fish closely..Algae eating fish (I got them because they keep aquarium clean) is craving to eat algae and eat algae as much as possible..I imagined a sea and many fish eating algae..Then I thought, “are you sure the fish is craving for algae? or is the universe craving fish to eat algae? Imagine all the algae eating fish just worrying about whether I get algae to eat or not rather than living along with the ocean..Ocean can not be as clean as it can be and its ecosystem is gone and other fish might die..

So whichever you are craving to achieve..are you sure you are craving for your success or the universe is craving for your success in achieving it?

If we say the universe is mother..We know how  “most” mothers try to nourish their babies..A animal’s first job after the baby is born is to nourish and train the baby until the baby becomes capable like her? I feel the universe is trying to do the same..All my desires..wishes..good..bad etc is just to train train train me until I become magnificent like her…that’s why we get hardships but when we work on ourselves and break that hardship..We get the best..We are the best version of ourselves..satisfaction we get from that success is unbeatable..

My dog..I pulled off something from her when she was eating something very happily but that’s not good for her body..so I pulled it off..Since then she says gurrrrrrr when I go close to her meal and gets very protective..Then I say “girlll…I am the one who put that food in the bowl for you..I want you to eat..Why you get so protective based on some prior experiences”…It took a while to get her back to normal.


It is soo funny I felt that’s what I do to the universe also..If a couple of failures happen..my trust, confidence everything puffffff…..goes offff.. I forget the fact that maybe the universe didn’t want it to happen the way I wanted because that is not good for me or perhaps best is awaiting for me!!


Universe celebrates if we celebrate..cries if we cry.. laughs if we laugh..She wants us to be happy, she wants us to win the best way..She loves us, wants us to love her, like her, understand her just the way our mothers do or we do to our kids..That’s why many scriptures say surrender yourself to god, and be content..pay close attention and keep doing what makes you happy and satisfied and navigate through life..like a newborn baby surrenders to its mother and the baby has all emotions..love laugh joy cry sad…Enjoy everything..Your mother the universe is swinging along with you each and every step..takes you to the highest levels..

Why life fearing why not life loving..Why god fearing why not god loving..

And why separate myself from her..I am her and she is me 🙂 !!

These were just my thoughts when I observed myself, nature closely past one year.

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