A life lived alone
is far graceful
than to be dropped
like hot coal from a palm

Those who love you
will often dismiss you
You can roll all you like
as a pup on the ground

If I sound too harsh
then I’m sorry my friend
in between all those beautiful moments
life is harsh

The more you chase
the more you are left behind
no amount of catching up
will get you anywhere

Never be afraid to be lost or rejected
for you’ll be both
And what’s funny is that
after a while it would cease to matter

A long winding life
will surely teach you this
we are all alone
no matter who and who doesn’t stand by our side

In God alone is that kindness
that bestows the strength
to hide your fears
blink back those tears

It’s a shame
that I idle away my time
when I could have been
calling out to Her

O Mother, gentle and divine
see how everything slips from my hands
only the memory of this morning
Your soothing presence…holds me together

Thank you for never letting me down
even when I have a million times
Thank you O Maa
for remembering what you mean to me