The one thing that I have realized from meditation and from the lives of great saints, like Om Swami, Swami Vivekananda is that we are born to be of help to others. All of us as humans are on our own path, and everyone acts as a stepping stone for others in their journey of life. We take in air, store some of it on our blood, disperse it in our bodies and then give the rest back to nature in the form of carbon dioxide. This should be the process for everything we take from Prakriti. But this doesn’t happen. We are always in the race of acquiring more from nature without a thought of the selfless nature that provides us everything.

Breathing art of meditation practised by buddhist monk in nature

My truth is that we as humans are born to assist everyone around us in their upliftment. Lucky amongst us are those who have the chance and the knowledge of doing so. The Devi acts through all of us for the betterment of all. I am no one in front of the divine energy which flows through us all. But the societal thoughts have made us forget our real nature. The divine energy is acting through us for the betterment of all. Each and everyone is a vessel of upliftment for every other person. The Devi works in mysterious ways through us to better someone else’s life and we might not even know. Such is the divinity and the purity of the Shakti within us. 

This is my truth. 😃

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