All those who have prepared for aptitude exams must have solved a problem. A man is climbing stairs, he climbs up 4 steps in one hour, and then falls down by 2, again climbs 4 steps, and falls down by 2. In how many hours would he reach on the top.

Something of that sort is happening with my father. He makes a recovery, and something or the other happens due to which he falls down. A few days back I was happy that he is moving towards a positive direction and by god’s grace is going fine. But for the past 3 days, he is suffering from a high fever and his oxygen level is also going down. 

I do not have words to console him or motivate him. It has been 1.25 years since I have been telling him that things would be better. But to my dismay, whenever he is ready to take the next step, something of this sort happens and his confidence shatters. 

He has been so quiet for the past few days and my heart aches watching him like this. I wish I had a magic wand through which I could just take all his pain away and make him smile. 

Please help me out here. Tell me the ways through which I can motivate him and make him smile. It would be a huge help for me. 

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