Dear Reader, its that time of the year once again when Ma Durga leaves Her children bereft and goes back home. 

How we wait for Her arrival! Counting days and eventually hours and minutes. We prepare for Her, physically,  mentally,  emotionally. We change our schedules, our food, our daily routines, our clothes for these nine glorious days and nights. She dominates! And why not!

The heart which softened for Her arrival  has to be toughened up for Her departure. 



🌺Is it time already for you to return, Ma?
the lotus bloom of my heart droops with the weight of salty tears.
Your sweet reassurances don’t assuage the heartache.
When will this hide and seek of the sun and the lotus cease?


Stay! stay with me, how my heart yearns!
O Ma, I haven’t had my fill yet
Don’t wean me away so soon!

Stay! Stay with me, till this hunger abates
O Ma, your little child craves the circle of your arms,
Don’t wrench me yet from your loving warmth!


Listen to me, my Mother,
Pieces of my heart are unravelling as you place one sari after another in your bag!
Listen Ma, not yet, please not yet.

linger awhile, adorable Mother,
till I fill my soul with Your heady fragrance
till each cell brims over with intoxication


When will you stop this coming and going?
This heart is Your home, when will you declare Your ownership?🌺