Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons. – R. Buckminster Fuller

These days we are dependent. Just not only on human beings, but on technology. We can see our youth. Actually I don’t think only youth is addicting but our old age people too. I receive good morning and good night text from relatives on a daily basis. It has become their daily routine. Sometimes I feel like they are working for WhatsApp.

 I think today for doing everything machines are there. I remember when my maternal grandmother used to ask me to learn house hold work so that I could survive at my in-law’s home. And I always used to reply that I will take machines with me to manage my things. That’s true, modern generation is using technology in a good way actually but that is affecting their physical health too.

Actually we cannot stay away from technology also as we are habitual to them or in other words that has become a need now. We prefer to type rather than to write down in notebooks.Technology have made our lives easy.

Being a working professional, I spend at least 10 hours on my laptop. If you are a student add 2 to 3 hours more to it. So, on average, our screen time is approximately 16 hours. I feel bad for the times when as a student I used to irritate Nishtha Ji with my messages and calls because whenever I used to find her online, I used to drop her texts. Now that I am working, I have understood not everyone who is online is free. At times it becomes so hard for me to get rid of my phone because WhatsApp has become part of our lives. These days I am trying to wake up early and find some ME time.  It’s so hard to avoid mobile phones these days. Sometimes I feel so frustrated that i want to throw my phone away.

So, we cannot stop using technology but i think we can maintain a balance. We can walk for short distances instead of using bikes or cars, we can use stairs instead of lift, we can take breaks on Sundays from our phones or laptops (I will try this for sure but not promising) and so on.

We should use technology wisely.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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