Many women around me are 70 + now( my mother, my maasi ,my mother in law ,my sister in law s mother in law ,my freind s mothers and mother in laws), most of these women are from financially comfortable back ground and are either graduates or Post graduates with Good home management skills. At twilight of their life most have married kids ,having there own houses ,bank balances and social life( mobile). Since these ladies raised families as a back bone to the house where  their husband use to go for work,they took care of old inlaws and they built their own house ( with small savings)and contributed in educating their kids( cooked ,dusted and washed ) or supervised their staff now they deserve all the rest and comforts of life .Some of them have lost a partner and some important body parts have been replaced ,are aching or have been lost.Since many of this generation ladies were not office goers aswell had no social circle due to strict husband  ,inlaws and few house maids ,they are now clue less on what living for own happiness is.The maximum many do is go to Satsang/ temple or talk to siblings on phone.Most kids ND house help find them too annoying, useless or interfering.Not everyone can develop habbit of gardening, reading, singing, dancing or being an important part of Society by teaching their house helps kids. Not everyone has resources and strength to travel or go on trips. The Idiot box ND Ekta Kapoor are their biggest refuge.What an irony that these women who would enjoy at this age the most are under depression! Do you have any alternatives that we my dear freind after 20 years are not in a similar state?