The Speed of Vaccination in India has been really very fast. It’s really surprised the whole world as well; which was thinking that how will India vaccinate it’s population of 130 Crore. But India did vaccinated the majority of it’s adult population in less than a year. 60% of adults are fully vaccinated( with 2 vaccine jabs) and 90% adults have already received the first dose of covid vaccine. More than 140 Crore vaccine jabs have been administered on Indians till now since January 2021; which is really amazing. 

P.M. Narendra Modi announced on Christmas that the children between the age group of 15 to 18 years will be given the covid vaccine from 3rd January, 2022. He also announced that booster doses will be given to the frontline workers and senior citizens with comorbities from 10th January, 2022. It’s a very great news as children will also get the covid vaccines now which will make their lifes normal like it was in 2019 before the pandemic. To give booster doses to healthcare workers and senior citizens will also give them more protection from the covid-19. So, it’s a very positive news.

May Every Indian get vaccinated as soon as possible and we start living our normal lives once again like we used to live just 2 years ago.

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