Recently I was passed over for promotion. That happens in the corporate world. This was particularly insulting because everyone in my team got promoted in the last two years except me. And I know for a fact that I worked as much if not more than them.
Even my manager said that I did a good job but the higher ups did not agree.

I thought I was a strong, wise girl. But then life threw a small curve ball and here I am crumbling down. 

All the knowledge of wisdom comes of no use when our mind decides to take control. Also, knowledge of wisdom stays just that – knowledge, unless you try to convert it to wisdom / realization itself.

I know this doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Heck, it doesn’t matter even in the small scheme of things. Career has never been too important to me. I like my work and do it out of integrity, interest and of course necessity.

But to feel like you’re the least performer in the team hit hard. I’ve always been an above average student. I was never the “last” at anything. 

After some introspection I can summarize my disappointment to the following feelings. 
“I don’t deserve this. It’s unfair. How could my manager prioritize everybody else over me”.

So here’s my perspective on this incident. It’s taking time, but I know if I keep re-reading this I will soon get over it.

I just got my vaccination from God. 
When a baby is taken for vaccination, it doesn’t know what is happening. It cries out in pain thinking, why me?
Only the parents know how important it is for the child to be safe. 

I believe life gives us vaccinations of its own. We just don’t know how it will protect us in the future because we only see the pain. 
Maybe I will change jobs and that’ll be a good thing for me.
Maybe I will quit, and that will be a good thing for me.
Maybe I will become strong and ready to face bigger things in life.
Who knows, except Nature a.k.a God.

I’m just glad that I got my vaccination. Now i’m protected from something that i’ll only know in future. Life’s such a tease! 

A quote that helped me:

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.That is not a weakness. That is life” – Captain Picard.

And ofcourse from Om Swamiji – “Take it easy”. 

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