One day I was reading about the Vimshamsha chart, an astrological chart to see one’s spiritual pursuits, in one astrological book; I came across goddess names, one of which particularly caught my attention, namely “Tripura Sundari” and while searching for the information about it, I stumbled upon the book “If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir” in Google books. I was so enthralled by the preview that I instantly bought the book. Swami Ji’s memoir was so fascinating that my attention riveted on it until I finished reading it. Subsequently, I read Swami Ji’s other books, blogs, and listened to his discourses.

Most of the time, my husband and I start our day listening to Swami Ji’s discourse, at tea time, which imbibes positivity within us. The knowledge imparted by Swami Ji is like a pearl, very pure, transparent, and precious that can be easily applied to everyday life. In due course, I developed an urge to meet Swami Ji, it was the month of February, and booking for “Open Ashram Event February 2020” was open. I told my husband about my wish to go to Sri Badrika Ashram however was skeptical that he would agree as he prefers pre-planning. Nonetheless, he too liked the idea of going to the ashram and we did all the bookings on the same day, a miracle that happened by the grace of Swami Ji. Coincidentally, on the same evening, I spotted Bharadwaj bird in our backyard, a good omen according to many.

Initially, kids were reluctant to the idea of going to ashram however their notion changed after visiting the ashram. Alluring Shri Hari’s idol, melodic chanting of Vishnu & Lalitha Sahasranama, calming morning meditations, and above all divine presence of Swami Ji gave us an experience of Vaikuntha on the earth. Serene ashram surroundings, delicious food, and heavenly “Giri” river made a long-lasting impression on us. We connected with like-minded people and even made a long-lasting bond with them. Kids had a wonderful time reading thoughtful books in the state-of-the-art library and playing with lovely pets. We enjoyed every bit of our stay at the ashram.

As depicted by many fellow visitors, Swami Ji’s aura is so mesmerizing that we were speechless in the personal meet however as if knowing our mind with his all-encompassing awareness, Swami Ji addressed our queries and doubts in his discourse.

On the auspicious occasion of “Guru Purnima”, I would like to dedicate our heartfelt gratitude at Swami Ji’s lotus feet for giving us chance to be in his divine presence and heavenly abode “Sri Badrika Ashram”.