What if I told you –

  • There’s magic by which you can burn some calories, strengthen your entire lower body, and maybe even get psychic powers?
  • And that, you can do it by adding just one thing to your routine?

Does that sound like a marketing gimmick? Too hard to believe?

Try out this Yoga Asana that I call: The Magic Posture! The Yoga world refers to it as the Vajra-Asana.

My Family’s Routine

Recently, my family has begun a post-dinner routine. As soon as we step out of the dining room, we head straight to the living room. Then, we sit in Vajra-Asana as we catch up with each other about the day. 

Yes, we can do Vajra-Asana immediately after eating food.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve made it a habit to sit in Vajra-Asana after every single meal. I read a book or watch some video while doing it. Many times, I reply to comments and answer questions on osme while holding his posture!

Facts about Vajra-Asana

Referring to Vajra-Asana, a text called Gheranda Samhita 2.12 quotes: 

Make the thighs adamantly tight and place the legs at the two sides
of your posterior orifice. That's called Vajra-Asana.
It gives psychic powers to the Yogi.

I haven’t experienced its psychic powers yet, but I’ve seen a significant difference in my health. Here’s the key benefit of Vajra-Asana:

As per Yoga experts, 15 mins of Vajra-Asana = 1 hour of a leisurely walk!

Besides that, here are some excellent benefits Vajra-Asana provides us:

  1. Aids digestion
  2. Reduces weight issues caused by digestive problems
  3. Prevents digestive acidity and flatulence
  4. Aids in relieving knee pain
  5. Relieves lower back pain
  6. Increases flexibility of the legs
  7. Strengthens thighs, pelvic muscles, and genitals
  8. Increases blood circulation to the lower abdominal region
  9. Reduces menstrual cramps
  10. Prevents constipation
  11. Reduces urinary problems
  12. Improves our posture
  13. Aids in calming down the mind
  14. Helps relieve stress
  15. Enhances the quality of our sleep

You’re not dreaming! That’s really what Vajra-Asana is supposed to do to us! Ayurveda states that our digestive problems source most diseases (including weight issues). The Vajra-Asana targets straight at that source.

After starting this Asana, I’ve personally noted significant improvements to my entire lower body, back, and abdomen. Due to the strengthening of my lower body, I experience lesser pain while sitting in meditation now. Research has proven some of those benefits from that list, and the Yoga practitioners assure us of the others.


  • Don’t do Vajra-Asana if you’re recovering from an ankle or knee injury
  • Don’t do it if you have some spinal cord condition
  • Pregnant women should not do this Asana
  • Stop immediately if you experience too much pain while doing it
  • Don’t push yourself beyond what you can do

How to do the Vajra-Asana?

  • You can hold this Asana anywhere from 2 mins to 15 mins. I started with 2 mins and have gradually moved to 10 mins now.
  • You can place a rolled-up towel beneath your ankles and (or) shin to make this pose easier.
  • While doing this posture, the toes must be touching each other. However, the heals must be separated from each other.
  • Always get up from the posture as shown in the YouTube video.
  • You can find step-by-step instructions to do it here: How to do Vajra-Asana?

You can learn the Vajra-Asana by watching this YouTube video:

YouTube video

This Time’s Goal 

Practice Vajra Asana for at least 2 mins after your dinner. With time, try to increase it to 15 mins. If possible, try to do it after every single meal.

A Recap of Habits

When we cultivate new habits, we tend to forget the old ones. It’s essential to keep working on the already discussed habits to achieve our fitness goals. So, here’s a recap of what you should be working on:

  1. Drinking Enough Water
  2. Dietary Supplements

Recalling the Logistics

  • I’ll share the next small fitness goal when I see at least five ‘DONE’ comments on this post (including mine).
  • If you have questions, please ask them in the Q&A forum. The entire community, including me, will answer them there for you. 

Trust me! The Vajra-Asana becomes relatively easy to practice after about a week or so. With time, it almost feels effortless. This is the least you can do to keep yourself fit. 

Let your laziness and lack of motivation go! As Nike says – Just do it!