1 . Love at first sight!

Have you ever felt this emotion? Let us change the perspective of this beautiful and intense emotion .

 Take a deep breath! Smile and fall in love with the person you see in the mirror as soon as you wake up.

Yes, Fall in love with yourself at the first sight!

Fall in love with your idiosyncrasies.

Your strengths and weaknesses, your beliefs and fears.  Your body the way it is, your love, and the lack of it. Fall deeply in love with yourself first.

Make positive intentions to make the best of everything you have to offer on this day to yourself. Step out with confidence and compassion. Now you are ready for the world and everything it has to offer.




 ‘’ There is always one difficult person in your life ‘’
Swamiji  said in one of His Discourses  🙂 

I hope and wish that is not your partner!

It is easy if you have a partner with a certain level of understanding.  If that is not the case don’t waste time in forming opinions and complaints. You cannot change another person, you can change instead. If you are still single you have an opportunity to find if the person who is going to be sharing your life has the quality of understanding and emotional flexibility.


You should be available and dependable to your partner, at least in times of need. Partner itself means you are closely linked and supposed to be doing all-important together. Life Partner means doing all important things in life together and also sharing its fruits. There is no point in having someone unreliable and undependable in life. It will eventually become a burden. Make sure you are a dependable partner in life and work. This will strengthen your relationship many folds.



The great Vietnamese Monk  Thich Nhat Hanh  profoundly said these words,

‘’  You must love in such a way that the person you love must feel free’’

If you must bring the best in any relationship you should be fearless and free.  Don’t be a control freak, allow the other person to make free and fearless decisions. This is very essential to boost the self-esteem of your partner.  If you are a control freak your partner is going to do it undercover without your knowledge for sure.

I know of a woman who makes her husband swear that he will not drink whenever he goes out for a party. This man devised all ways to drink without the knowledge of his wife!

Isn’t it better to witness the likes and dislikes of your partner with detachment and holding space whenever it is needed? Attachment stops you from seeing the true nature of your partner. you won’t appreciate the good in them nor see the bad and act wisely.

Be detached, Be mindful, enjoy the beauty and free flow in relationships!

Jai Sri Hari  🙂 

Also, don’t forget to bake a delicious  Chocolate Brownie and eat it too  🙂 

I made a Skillet Brownie and here is how to make it.


Skillet Chocolate  Brownie

Valentine’s day musings! 2


·         ½  Cup Butter ( I used  Amul butter )

·         1 cup powdered Sugar

·         ½ cup Cocoa Powder

·         ½ teaspoon instant Coffee powder

·         3  Eggs

·         1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

·         1 cup refined flour ( Maida)

·         1 cup Choco Chips

And you will need an iron skillet.



Place the skillet on a low flame. Melt the butter. Add sugar and mix well. Stir till the sugar starts to dissolve. Add cocoa powder. Stir and mix. Add coffee powder. I used Nescafe. Coffee and cocoa are an irresistible combination.

Now remove the skillet from flame.  Allow the mixture to cool a little. Add the eggs one by one and lightly stir and blend well. Add the Vanilla essence. Mix. Add the flour in three portions through a sieve.  This is for proper mixing. Every time you add the flour stir and mix. Now stir in the choco chips and the mixture is now ready for baking. Bake it for 25 minutes at 180c in a preheated oven.

Enjoy the fragrance of coffee and chocolate wafting in your baking area. Top the brownie with vanilla ice cream.  Pour some chocolate syrup. Enjoy!

Note :

There is no added salt or baking powder in this recipe. The brownie is fudgier because of no baking powder.

Cover :Unsplash by Brigitte Tohm


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