Who is Goddess Varahi?

Varahi Mantra is a Mantra that is dedicated to Goddess Varahi. She is a form of Goddess Parvati and symbolizes the energy of Lord Yama. Varahi was created from Lord Vishnu’s boar avatar, Varaha. She is one of the three Shakti energies of Vishnu. The other two are Narasimhi and Vaishnavi.

Varahi is also one of the Sapta Matrikas or seven divine mothers. Many Hindu deities are of tribal origin who developed into mainstream deities later on. One of these is Goddess Varahi. Female counterparts of the gods are worshipped more among the tribes, especially the fierce ones. It was an ancient tribal practice to offer blood sacrifice. One cannot ignore the tribal connection to Vishnu’s Varaha and Narasimha forms. 

Depiction of Varahi

As one of the Sapta Matrikas, Goddess Varahi helped Durga in her battle against the demons, Shumbha and Nishumbha. So she is given the attributes of a warrior at times. 

She has the face of a boar, and her complexion is dark like storm clouds. On her head, she wears a Karanda-Mukuta, and ornaments made of corals adorn her. She sits on a Peetam beneath a Kalpaka tree and wields the Hala and Sakti. Her left foot is on a small stool, and on her legs are anklets.

The Vishnudharmottara says that she has a big belly and six hands. She holds the Danda, Khadga, Khetaka, and Pasa in four hands, while the remaining two hands show Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra. According to the Purvakaranagama, she carries weapons like the Saringapdhanus, Hala, and Musala. The elephant is her vehicle, and it is also the emblem on her banner.

The Myth of Varaha

Once, the golden-eyed demon, Hiranyaksha, did severe penance to Lord Brahma and was given a boon that he would not be slain by any human or beast that he named. He also wanted to be the king of the entire world. Once the boons were granted, the demon unleashed a reign of chaos and plunder. He stole the Vedas and scriptures and hid the earth in the ocean. As the Vedas were missing, religious and spiritual activity had come to a halt, and people were wallowing in ignorance. Hiranyaksha could not be vanquished in warfare. The earth was suffering from poverty and pestilence. So the gods went to Lord Brahma, who in turn approached Lord Shiva. Though Shiva was deep in meditation, he was aware of everything and managed to communicate via thoughts that he should approach Lord Vishnu. 

Vishnu saw a loophole in the boon given to Hiranyaksha. The demon had not mentioned the boar in the list of animals he had mentioned to Brahma. So Vishnu took the form of the boar or Varaha and killed the demon and also rescued the earth. 

Varahi in Mythology

Varahi is a Dakini in Tibetan Buddhism – a compassionate and enlightened female spirit. She is regarded as a protector, concealer, and one who recovers spiritual texts and other holy objects. She interprets omens and prophecies. 

She is also associated with Goddess Kamala, who is one of the Mahavidyas. Another name for her is Danda-Natha, Lady Commander of the Mother Goddess’ army. She destroys evil forces that hinder a devotee’s progress, paralyzes their foes, and leads them to Sri-Vidyas.

Varahi is also regarded as one of the Yoginis. She can lift the earth using her tusks and bestow benefits to all creatures. She is called Chaitanya-Bhairavi in this form. Among the Sapta Matrikas, she is the fifth and is hence called Panchami. In this form, she represents the controlled energy of courage. She reminds us to be bold and brave and avoid greed and arrogance.

Varahi Mantra is a very powerful Mantra for protection. She destroys the animal tendencies that lurk within us like kama, krodha, lobha, moha (attachment), ahankara/mada (pride), and matsarya. Removes all barriers to material and spiritual advancement. As Swapna Varahi, she removes all illusions. She can also give knowledge of past, present, and future through dreams. Brihat Vrahi enables you to do any work.

Varahi Mantra for Removing Negativity

Om shreem hreem kleem dhum

jwaalaa jwaalaa

shulini asya yajamaanasya,

sarva shatroon samhara samhara,

kshema laabham kuru kuru

dushta graham,

hum phat svaha

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