When a vastu consultant makes a samosa it becomes a vastu compliant SAMOSA… (lol, just joking)

Well, in my eight years of practice, the most common question asked is, “Madam, which direction our kitchen must be in?”

They expect me to say Southeast, as it is the Agnisthan(fire zone).

And if I say so, they have an instant adrenal rush, as I would validate their belief system.

Do you think so?

From where has this knowledge come to them?

Social media? Google baba? what’s app university?

Let me narrate a small story to you. Sarita (name changed to protect the identity), owned a flat in a beautiful multi-story building. They were facing a rough patch along with some financial issues. As a regular and common practice, a vastu consultant/ astrologer was summoned. He took a detailed glance at the flat and said that their kitchen was in a northeast direction which was the cause for all their misery and the room in the southeast was giving a problem to the lady of the house. Immediately, Sarita started to think of all the health issues she was having.

To make things worse, she started to develop added health issues due to the inception of a new seed in her mind by this consultant.

After a month, this couple decided to shift to a house that had its kitchen in the southeast.

This added to their expenses manifold. Things turned from worse to worst.

Through a friend, I was called in and the first thing I did was to move them back to their flat which was vacant.

I checked Sarita’s diet plan along with her latest blood reports (which were normal as per Sarita’s doc). I advised her to eliminate sugar and high GI index foods. Automatically, health got better in the next three months.

Sarita would never open the windows, as she thought she was letting in the pollution.

I made sure she would open the windows daily, so that there was good air circulation in the house.

I gave them a few tips to work on being mindful and made them read the Vedic Vastu Shastras. Having a kitchen in the northeast was never the problem, but not being mindful was.

After reading many Granths, Sarita was convinced that the kitchen can be anywhere in the house.

There are so many Saritas out there, who break down the rooms, houses to make sure it is vastu compliant. Don’t follow things blindly, read what the Shastras have to say about this ancient science.

I found my answers in the ancient scriptures; maybe even you can unearth them all…

By doing this, nobody can misguide you, and it will help in clearing all your curiosity as well.

Read the Shastra Vishwakarmaprakash, named “The Ancient Science of Vastu” translated by us.

This was narrated by Lord Vishwakarmaji himself.

Coming back to our Samosa

What is a Vastu Compliant Samosa ?

A healthy samosa is what I call a vastu compliant samosa, as it is packed with nutrition and emotions of the cook’s love. As my son quotes “Mom, abs are made in the kitchen”, be mindful of your cooking. We are what we eat. In my years of weight loss and maintenance program, I realized 70% of health’s wealth lies in what we eat. Our ingredients, spaces, emotions make a lot of difference. Even on our cheat days, we make sure, we are eating healthy food.

Swamiji quotes in his book, The Wellness Sense, make food your medicine. This book is an excellent read. My son, 15, understood the concept from this book so well, that he keeps quoting it to family and friends. We make sure our day is full of the right energy.

Sharing few tips:-

To make a healthy Samosa I used; The healthy ingredients.

-Wheat flour instead of maida.

-Elephants’ foot (yam) instead of potato.

-Fried in ghee instead of refined oil (as per Ayurveda frying in ghee is considered better than oil, check with your cardiologist first). OR use Air fryer instead of deep-frying.

Few Vastu remedies for Kitchen; The healthy space.

·         Definitely keeping the kitchen free of pests is the best vastu.

·         Keep the windows open for fresh air or at least keep the exhaust on as you don’t want carbon dioxide going in your rooms.

·         Keep all sharp items in the chest of drawers or cupboards.

·         Avoid granite tops as it produces high gamma radiation.

·         Keep the dustbin closed.

·         East, west, and north-facing are preferred as the Sun rays are softer in these directions. South is avoided even for sadhanas, as the heat of the sun is stronger in this direction.

·         Since food is the ingredient that binds families together, let’s make our kitchen heavenly.

·         Don’t forget to say your prayers before meals.

Be mindful while cooking; The healthy emotion.

This need to be developed. Emotion plays an important link between food and family bonding. Here is the link from Swamiji’s youtube video: Art of being Mindful for a Householder;


Be your own guide. Be your own vastu consultant: Know your roots.

As Swamiji quotes: “Whatever you share, GROWS”.

I have shared the ancient wisdom with you through our book…

Enlighten yourself and share it with your family and friends!!!

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Ayurveda- ancient wisdom of the medicine to treat the body

Japa- chanting of the same mantra continuously

Samosa- deep-fried potato Pattie

Shastra/Granths- ancient scriptures written by sages at a different point in time

Vastu- ancient science of architecture

Vedic-ancient age

Vishwakarmaji- Ancient god of architecture and engineering

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