Hindu Astrology: A comprehensive guide to self discovery 

Many individuals generally whine about terrible things happening in their lives because of evil planetary positions in their natal chart. People frequently talk about a terrible horoscope calculator, negative or frail planets in a horoscope for various life’s problems, and many gloat about commended and positive planets

It is totally off-base. God has given us this life because he thinks we have an unique ability to contribute something for the world of Maya. No horoscope can be just positive or negative. Terrible planets in a horoscope result from our karmas of past birth, yet Same way, great planets in a kundli are the after effect of our great deeds of past lives. However, abuse of “choice” can disintegrate all their great impacts. The planetary placements in individuals’ horoscopes don’t outline their objective solely. Top astrologers in India have observed that albeit numerous planets in magnification in the individual’s horoscopes, they have not accomplished something so honourable. Actually, its observed that albeit numerous planets are in weakness in horoscopes, they have done nothing extremely bad. This demonstrates that planetary digbala is of no assurance of people’s accomplishments in their lives. Then again, badly arranged planets are not liable for people’s fiascos or disappointments in their lives.

According to Brihat parashara hora shastra planetary strengths or digbala relies upon the house wherein they are situated. For example—the sun has the lordship of the sign Leo. However, it isn’t viewed as useful for its own home in case it goes to the sign Capricorn. Venus situated in Libra may not be useful for Taurus, and Venus situated in Taurus may not help Libra. This happens on the grounds that the connection of Taurus and Libra is 6th eighth . Mars situated in Aries may not be gainful for Scorpio as well as the other way around on the grounds that, once more, the relationship is 6-8 alignment.

Jupiter becomes Uccha when it goes to eight houses from Sagittarius, which is again 6-8 relationship Let us see how to alleviate awful impacts of planets? The malefic Doshas or flaws in horoscopes are not a revile to them. All things being equal, they can utilize them for their potential benefit. Doshas that alarm them the most can rescue them from tough spots. We must understand that problems are not stop signs but are real guidelines indeed. Not exclusively people’s horoscopes can be faulted for Doshas. Every horoscope has some pessimistic impact, and the onus lies on the people’s shoulders to initiate or deactivate it.

A capable  astrologer near me is the one who can recognize the contrary Doshas or yogas in the people’s horoscopes can furnish them with healing measures.

People should remember that they can negate the antagonistic yogas present in their horoscope by carrying out good karmas.

People’s previous existence deeds portray their current horoscopes. What’s more, their flawed karma must be amended by carrying out beneficial things. With great deeds, their way of life will improve.

People can reduce the negative impacts of planetary doshas in one’s birth-chart through remedial vedic astrology. Regardless of remedies, they will undoubtedly surface sometime in life again but the impact would be far less if you do good deeds and carry our karma asper our religion. As per Hindu sanatana dharma, people need to atone for all their negative actions. From the hypotheses referenced above, it is apparent that the most ideal method for disposing of the torments is to carry out noble deeds within one’s capability.

Malefic Doshas in horoscopes are not generally destructive .Regardless of anukul or pratikul dignity ,no planet in a horoscope gives complete negative or complete positive outcomes.

Almost every individual needs others’ assistance to scale in life.Even people with strong planetary positions face difficulties but the endurance to face such situations is higher and hence they don’t fall prey to pessimism.

We  have all heard about the old English proverb `Make a hay while sun shines” Yoga forming planets knock at your door only once with an opportunity and it’s up to an individual to recognize the opportunity and take the best advantage of that planetary period of operation. To harness their beneficial outcomes, one needs to analyse the pre-cursor events carefully.

So one ought to figure out how to enact great yogas and keep awful yogas placated and that too in the right dasha period or planetary transition. Quit looking assuming the horoscope is awful or great.

Those brought into the world in well-off families might lead a standard or normal life, while the individuals who had bad horoscopes can perform well indeed.

 However, in the event that any planet is presented to hardships, it might ascend to numerous issues in people’s lives. With next to no huge difficulties, the planet will give its normal outcomes, in light of the rules referenced previously. Notwithstanding all rules referenced over, a malefic planet won’t generally give malefic impacts, and a benefic planet won’t favor the individual. Getting the best outcomes from any planet is the fruition of one’s past and present birth deeds.

Does bad planetary positions in janam kundali create negative life experiences ?

 It is evident that no horoscope is awful or great; every horoscope has both negative and positive planets and planetary mixes. Initially, one should realize how to pass judgment on a planet’s strength in light of the fact that a negative planet with debilitation won’t do a lot of harm. Similarly, a positive/great planet with lower energy may not give excellent outcomes. Yet at the same time, assuming an individual has anxieties that s(he) has a terrible horoscope, I will let you know the most ideal method for taking care of it. It doesn’t imply that your horoscope will stop its effect on you. Since most individuals with weak lagna are unlikely to be able to stick to their commitments  despite their best efforts,they  find it very challenging to make progress in their lives. This is on the grounds that, again a powerless Ascendant, Moon, and effect of some different planets will hold a portion of your activities. Yet, numerous who feel to keep such discussions under control can follow straightforward advances.

karma: it is the outcome of our own actions, precisely by the motives behind intentional actions.

Capable activities that lead to great karmic results depend on intentions of liberality; empathy, benevolence and compassion, and clear care or insight. The contrary intentions of eagerness, repugnance (disdain), and dream, when followed up on, lead to awful karmic results.

Karma is definitely not an outside power, not an arrangement of discipline or award managed out by a divine being. The idea is all the more precisely comprehended as a characteristic law like gravity.


Good and bad planetary positions in our janam kundli is the outcome of our own actions in our past births. Hence malefic planets must not be inferred as a punishment giver instead take it as a preceptor who is supposed to educate us in the right path through real life lessons.  Best Astrologer in Bangalore is of the opinion that no individual on this earth is born with conflict free horoscopes. The sooner we correct our lifestyle and our habits, the less we struggle in our lives. HariOm.