Vedic scriptures were written in Sanskrit by the sages and have been considered sacred books from time immemorial. The sages from their deep meditation and sharp intelligence framed them in Sanskrit and various languages like Devnagiri, Prakrit etc., and passed them on to their students. 
Though the most sacred texts, The Vedas were written in Sanskrit. Vedas means to Know or to Understand. Sanskrit means a thing which is refined or a thing which has been purified.
There are four main Vedas:- Rig, Sama, Yajur and Athrava Veda.

  • Rig Veda contains hymns defining Gods and their forms.
  • Sama Veda explains how to sing the hymns.
  • Yajur explains the offering to be made along with mantras.
  • Atharva Veda has subjects related to livelihood.

Since the Vedas are very comprehensive Upaveda was created so that it was easy for us to understand. Vedas are split into two parts -Mantra and Brahman.
Mantra glorifies the beauty and forms of Gods and Brahman has three parts; Brahman, Aaryanyak & Upanishad. 
 Just like we have formulae in mathematics, Sanskrit has codes and translators have been decoding the shlokas or sutras so that we get to know the very essence of this Universe. My pranam to all the translators for their great work.
We understand that:

  • Ram = Ramayan
  • Krishna = Bhagwat Gita
  • Yoga = Patanjali Sutra
  • Ayurveda = Charak Shamita, Sushruta Shamita etc.
  • Astrology = Parasarahora shastra,  Jaimini sutra
  • Vastu = Vishwakarma Prakash, Manushyalaya Chandrika, Manasar, Mayamat, Samrangan Sutradhar, Rajbhallabh.

All the ancient form of knowledge has been derived from the Vedas. Even for Vastu, we have set shastras which are part of the 4th Veda, The Atharava Veda.  If we see Vastu as an ancient science of knowledge which was written to enhance the livelihood of mankind then it is better to refer to the scriptures itself.  Like Ayurveda and Yoga have their scripts, even Vastu has its own texts or granths. 
In order to follow Vastu we must follow the shlokas as the Vastu scripts contain the essence of a real energy system. The fact is that various texts are now being translated now. We all know that due to various invasions for thousands of years and the burning of our universities, the scholars had been hiding our scriptures in temples or with someone who would pass them on to the next generation. Dedication towards the scriptures was the only way that in spite of thousands of years of invasions and ruling, we could safeguard a few of our ancient texts.
We, Vedic Vastu Consultants feel it is our moral, ethical duty to pass on this vast knowledge to the masses so that the legacy can be continued.
We have many interesting scriptures in Vastu. They are being decoded for 60-70 years.
These form the basis for architecture. This subject has been added to IIT Kharagpur and will be added to other colleges gradually.
We always tell our clients to read the shlokas or shastras before practising them. How can you gulp a pill without knowing what purpose it is taken for? Similarly, it is wrong to practice something without knowing some facts about it. That’s why superstition has cropped up and innocent people are falling prey to fake practitioners (dhongi babas). Not many ask WHY? If people start reading more, this knowledge can be spread easily.
Just out of faith in the scriptures, I rectified houses of people suffering from cancer, autism, infertility, late marriage, divorce, lag in business, factory, admission, suicide, coma, sudden horrendous happenings, out of job, promotions, sex life and many more. To my surprise, most have cured/improved which made my belief stronger in Vedic Vastu principles. Where medical science fails our Vedas have worked just for the fact that they treat the root cause and not the symptoms. People who fail to understand the depth of Vedas call them superstition.
I have met many Vastu consultants and none could give me the source of their practice or learning. And that’s how my journey started with Vedas. From where all Vastu logic came from was my only question. There you go I found the source itself, the Shastras, Vishwakarma Prakash, Manushyalaya Chandrika, Manasar, Mayamat, Samrangan Sutradhar, Rajbhallabh and the likes.

Heyam Dhukham Anagatam.

Avoidable is every suffering which has not yet come.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra-2.16

Sharing an experience:- We noticed a man with great anger, ego, greed & lack of responsibility. He would pick fight with all. Just out of curiosity, we decided to see his birth chart. Seeing a debilitated Shani with its ongoing maha-dasha, we warned his mother & wife that great suffering is foreseen in a year or two. We were ignored saying that shastras are all superstition. We requested them to just get a small yajna done and rectify the house as per Vedas but to all deaf ears. Just after one month of warning, this man suffered a massive brain stroke and eventually went into a coma. The wife stayed in a house which was energized as per Vedic shastras during his hospitalization. He not only regained consciousness but also fought back against all the highest forms of ICU infections. He is paralyzed for life but alive. This is a case where medical science failed and our Vedas won as all possible measures like chanting, puja, astrology, and Vastu was tried post-stroke. All medical doctors had given up hope.
This reminds me of a Quote from Bhagwat Gita “Anger, lust, and greed take you to hell”.
But I wonder had he done the puja & made home as per Vedic Vastu principles before the onset of Shani Mahadasha, would life be the same for him? Would he still be paralyzed?
 Alas!! -There is no reverse gear in our human life to prove our point. So, we just go by the codes of the shastras.
I have many heart-touching cases which I will be sharing through my blogs and my book, Vastu Remedies, the complete Do it Yourself Vastu Guidebook (available on Amazon).