I wonder how Venice would look like. When it was merely a town. Where the work of art is all about self – hood. The water channels are hitting the walls of the streets. Making Italy, a place to remember. Don’t know why this city or town look so glued.

 For nothing brings more calmness. When the sea breeze hits my face. How, English is all that is been seen. Talked and walked through the streets. There is a place where commoner’s grow. Not taking favor for any. But, the mind is covering with some undefined truth of the so unapproved world. a place where I live. It’s like Venice. However more than the down street.

Back home, where I felt like a world. a place of my comfort. I forge of how I make my being into reality. Plenty, of places are not required. Only, Venice feels like home. no matter how harsh or gentle are the seasons. That’s my place; my street. Make’s me escape the world or indulge me in it. Works as per my needs of comfort. When I talk, the place shall listen. and my loudness of the voice does not shake the roof and the founding stone of establishment. The winds of Venice don’t make me fly away. It takes all the worry and my life with it.

The thought of hope is just harder. My heart is keener. A keener of the life presented by the city. Venice… Venice……  Venice….!!! Are all my existing roots? It flows like hope, excitement and life whenever I feel my way of life in a certain way. Not the royal behold my presence for their dress, food and sassy lifestyle. The downtown, does not dwell with my rough patches of life.

It is the amalgamation of the behold happiness which Venice mixes with the fairly unexpected way of life. when foreigners visit me (let me be clear, I’m not Venice.) they feel so bright and light- headed. The breeze is fresh not rotten.

Believe in the light within you. the grief has passed away, so shall this sorrow pass by. I may look like a city, a clam city, a clam place with joy and happiness. with water being moved with your floating boats. But, how often have you wonder.

What does those deep water have for you? as none dive deep in them. About the silence of this beautiful, yet haunting city captivates. You can bleed…! if you don’t know how to heal yourself. For, the one fraction of your life time. Make it real at least for the way people don’t think.

All thou, you have been there. But what about the cherishing, unaware emotions. Which hold the life-time of your existence? For I cut the existence is so many ways. That now I hardly realize the tiny difference between reality and imagination. Both of it hits the same and as hard as they are believed to be. As our silly mind, can’t differentiate the difference between them. I believe both of the terms to be the same.

I imagine Venice to be as great and so unaware. Making it a reality for me to how, it looks the same. Or, for you if any of it goes through you.

Believe the wind, the water. Venice is all about love. Love that behold my stay. Stay for the night. As the night is not that quite long. How purchasable is the stay? Can only be understood by a tourist. Who wants to escape. To the beauty of the behold home.That once, the ways were elsewhere. Now it seems to be her within Venice. Just for a few days.

I have never visited Venice. But I hope to do. Just because beauty if Italy is hard to admire. With all those roman catholic church and her holiness all over. I wonder who has time to pray for their self-made previous ways. Travel the world. For world will slay. But, remember Venice was always being something which you betrayed.

Want everything to work for me. just, the way I made, it for you. Rejoice… REJOICE…Rejoice. is all that say. Giving me a thought that you never want to join for your forbidden stay.

You will understand….. Don’t worry Darling…!!!!

It’s gonna be okay.