As soon as you meet someone there is a thrust of vibrations in your body. It is not the same for everyone and every place. We have always heard stories of specific vibrations from a spiritual place or person.

Legends talk about the negative or positive vibes that we experience. Do you have ever thought is that the vibrations of that person, place, or you and your mindset that make you feel the same.

Let me throw a question to you, how often you presume and have presumptions about a person or a place based on reviews and stories that you have heard about them from others. they can be a review on google and websites also. ( we all buy goods on the recommendations and reviews of the same on the website and not even think that they can be paid)

I’ll share a story with you and this small incidence which is a first-hand experience. It is about a small roadside dhaba which we all friends used to visit for our adolescent parties. The place was named “Sunny’s full stop”. Near kandaghat on way to Shimla on Kalka Shimla highway NH 22. (It is no more there as the place got acquired to the expansion of highway) It was a weekly ritual for us friends to visit that place and ever the order would be the same.

We were head over heels for the place, its ambiance, music, and food, and used to suggest to everyone about the place. It once happened, that a few friends of our friend visited and this place was the first on the visit list as the stories were like that, the feedback they had about the place was the first-night halt dinner was scheduled at that place. On the maidan visit, the usual order was placed and the visitors ordered some other as per their choice.

The evening has its remembrance even after a decade as we were requested to leave as they needed to close the place down. When we reached back and the fun for the week continued as the travel list was long and timeless. We all were together for the goodbye dinner and this time it was another city, another roadside Dhaba, but one thing was the same was the menu.

To our surprise we couldn’t differentiate much in the quality of food and the taste though ambiance and music were different, then a friend who was visiting us said the reason why you all like that place is its vibes that make the food so delicious and second it was the affection that we all had with that place. To conclude the discussion there it was that it is the vibes and company that made that place different.

It has been years and I still wonder is it the place, company, or the mindset which is more important to make a place worth visiting. People talk about Vastu and a lot about directional science, which exists and I can’t deny that but does it has such a major impact that it can make us having mood swings, yes up to some extent.

But what affects us the most is silence and calmness in our minds and soul. It is the mindset with which we visit a place. It is the faith with which you get into conversation with someone or enter into someplace.

The mindset depends a lot on the factors which are:

·         How mindful you are

·         How influenced you are

·         How easily you get manipulated

·         How mindfully you analyze a current situation

·         How grounded you are.

So, next time you feel the vibes, stop for a moment and analyze your state of mind. It will work wonders as it is said that if one is in complete harmony with nature things work around with him in a completely different way.