My uncle told me once that first thought comes to your mind is generally 99% correct because as we reach the second thought by then we have gone through many more calculations in our upper storey and our very first thought become amalgamation of different threads like greed,favour,selfishness, profit, loss,+Compassion,+ kindness+and obviously many more β€˜+’to our virgin thought. He is in habbit of repeating such concrete thoughts of age 80+ very often. So I am compelled to to listen to him with repeated edition of his discourse fortnightly, earlier it was face to face and now just on ear to ear( phone call- as more often when I make video call he start showing me his room ceiling unknowingly 😊😊😊). Generally I am a forgetful person but you can imagine if a single sentence-β€œ First thought comes to your mind is generally true” repeated umpteen times than how the brain cells react. The legacy of his thoughts which is literally a treasure for me and many more who are known to him.
So now this story of virgin thoughts actually I am applying on self and it is unbelievable that it works very correctly. Give it a try🧠🧠🧠. # The Write Choice.