Earth and Earth Pairing

Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs, so there is a natural compatibility between them. And it is pretty strong, too, for the simple reason that they share similar traits and see life through the same prism. 

Being two highly work-oriented signs, these two are likely to meet at work or a conference. Work is high priority for them, so they will support each other in their work and ambitions.

Of course, this pairing may not set the bedsheets on fire as they are not known for passion and intensity in their physical relationship. But the bond they share is likely to be strong. 

Slow-burning Love

In relationships, their progress is slow and steady. They are very careful when it comes to matters of the heart. They tend to be picky about the people they like to associate with. Virgos are known for their high standards not only for themselves but also for their friends and lovers. Capricorn prefers partners who match their status and have the same ambitions.

Earth signs are generally pragmatic, dependable, organized, hardworking, and ambitious. So these two kindred souls will hit it off at once. But they are not likely to plunge into a relationship after their first meeting. They will want to know more about each other before they decide to stick around for keeps. These are two people who have certain goals and plans when it comes to life. They need their partner to go along with them and play their part responsibly so that they can create the kind of life they have in mind. 

Relationship Dynamics

They are not likely to fight about who holds the reins in the relationship. Virgo people like to play a supportive role and help their near and dear. Capricorn, on the other hand, is comfortable with being the leader. This makes for a balanced relationship. Capricorn is known to be stubborn, while Virgo is more flexible and doesn’t mind playing second fiddle. But Capricorn should avoid being too bossy or demanding.

Both Virgo and Capricorn are no-nonsense types. They have little interest in one-night stands or casual dalliances. Once they decide that they want to be with each other, they will begin making plans for the future. Capricorn has a serious approach to all things, love included. This will have a calming influence on Virgo, as they tend to get stressed out by signs that are impulsive and erratic. Virgo will boost Capricorn’s confidence by constantly encouraging them. Their sense of shared purpose keeps them together. 

Being serious about things is a common trait for both these signs. Casual dating is not the style of earth signs. But sometimes this may cause some problems, as they will try not to show their vulnerable side. Intimacy, too, could suffer as they both seek perfection, and this may make them wary of experimenting.

In Bed

Sexually, these two are well-matched. They like to give pleasure to their partner. Being Earth signs, they are quite sensual. Of the two, Virgo may be the one to initiate things in bed. Capricorn must ensure that work does not come in the way of their partner’s need for physical intimacy. Virgo should become more adventurous in bed and be willing to try new things. 

Problem Areas

Virgo’s desire for perfection can cause problems in the relationship. Their hypercritical nature can annoy Capricorn. Capricorn has a tendency to engage in power struggles. Their obsession with work and their preoccupation with status, money, and objects can lead to a rift.

The relationship could become stale with the passage of time. Their love of routine could make them stop growing as a couple. The romance may do a slow fade, and things may become very functional between them. So they should try to find ways to keep things interesting. Going on trips now and then helps. Doing new things together and taking up interesting hobbies can go a long way to keep the spark alive.

They need to communicate openly and listen to each other well. This will enable them to understand each other’s desires and expectations. If they can do this, their relationship could become less stiff and more enjoyable. In order to succeed, they must open up fully and develop trust in each other.

Overall, Capricorn and Virgo compatibility can be rated 8/10.

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