My present post is linked to my experience with a Virtual Satsang.

In my school days, I never realized the basics of Satsang. My Massi Ji used to keep Ramayana-Paath, for eight days every Navratri. And the ninth day, there was a Hawan followed by Kirtan and then a grand feast of Poori -Channa, Halwa, and Maalpua as Parsad. For me that was Satsang. I feel my love for food is due to that Satsang for many years.

Jokes apart, my mother made it a point that I go to my Massi Ji’s home every alternate day to read Ramayana for one hour. I used to get good marks in Sanskrit, so her opinion was that I will be having a good understanding of The Holy Book. Undoubtedly, recitation of the Dohas with understanding and sometimes without understanding changed me from within. Slowly, I developed a natural spiritual inclination. My reading aloud the glories of Ramayana was my first experience of Satsang.

I didn’t have any inclination for Gurus (until I met Swamiji). I had a little aversion and bitterness for them. One of my cousins was made to renounce the materialistic world as per the wish of gurus of a particular sect they were following. Those gurus used to frequently visit my grandaunt’s home for kirtan. But I never felt any devotion for them as they may have left the materialistic world but their desires were intact as a common householder. I mostly found ways to disappear from home for some time so that no one could pressurise me to bow in front of them, who were served Cola in big steel glasses.

Then after my marriage, I came to know about Nichiren Buddhism in 2012. I followed this philosophy by attending various discussion meetings and study meetings along with chanting for hours. I changed for the better. I learned concepts like compassion, empathy, gratitude, and courage. Few of my friends mocked me for attending Japanese Satsang. But this removed hard layers of my negatives and made me better prepared to absorb spiritual knowledge of our Sanatan Dharma. But Satsang of Swamiji’s videos, discourses, his blogs, and finally os. My platform made me travel in a world of love and grace where no one judges me. You daily contemplate and contemplate, determine and redetermine to be kind and love more and more.
I pray that with Swami Ji’s grace I keep on absorbing the Satsang of my comrades in faith.

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