Vishnu’s Love

I feel the cool comfy feeling of a spring breeze

When in the morning, I embellish my Lord’s vigraha shyly


As soon as my gaze runs upon my Beloved

I fall down, not literally, but without an end


I feel dumbfounded as I talk to Him;

But together we both set the playground; hopping


From one edge of time to another we dance

Thus we play all our morning hours in a trance


He lives with me in every breath of my day

And whisks my mind gently to His pray


Like a daffodil tucks a bee in her embrace 

His scent reaches me wherever I am in a place


I hear His whispers, in all their shades 

And I find myself mesmerized, in bliss, all days


I bow or hug his image just the way I like

And he loves me, I know, like day loves light


At night, before sleeping, I ask for his blessings

To love Him all my life unceasing


One night, He arrived wearing his pitambara

And gently woke me up from my slumber


He said three times, ‘I bless you’, ‘I bless you’, ‘I bless you’

And since then everybody knows what I’ve been up to


His love has swept me ashore

I am not the one anymore I was before

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