One of the most important event during the epic war Mahabaratha is the Bagavath Gita. Krishna’s discourse to Arjuna. In that the most celebrated one is the Vishwaroopa darshan. The meaning of the Vishwaroopa darshan is well known to us. Today let me try to give you a different perspective on it and a learning from it.

Arjuna and Krishna were very close. Pandavas for a long time knew that Krishna was a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. When the war was about to start both Arjuna and Duryodhana went to Krishna for help. Duryodhana  took Krishna’s army, while Arjuna chooses Krishna himself. He knew Krishna was an avatar. That is why he chose him over his army. When this is the case, why Arjuna dint get to see Vishwaroopa darshan at an earlier stage? Why Krishna did not show his Vishwaroopa to all of the Pandavas? Isn’t belief enough?

We can reason saying Krishna dint show him. This is where I differ or I can say I have a different perspective. I feel it was Arjun who realised the infinite form of Krishna and not Krishna revealing himself and you know why? As mentioned earlier Pandavas and Arjuna knew Krishna was God but when Krishna gave the teachings, it had a tremendous impact on Arjuna. Seeing the wisdom of Krishna, understanding the sukshma of life, Arjunas respect on Krishna rises multifold. This is when he sees the Vishwaroopa darshan. It happens in his mind.

In many ways, our relationship with God is similar to that of Arjuna and Krishna had before the teachings of Bagavath Gita. We know from a very early stage about God. We respect him, workshop him and celebrate him, but this belief alone is not enough. You will be close to him but you will never realise God’s true self. You will never have that Vishwaroopa Darshan.

Instead, if we spend some time to read the scriptures and understand the lessons they give, that is when we also will get to see the Vishwaroopa darshan. Not just Arjuna, everyone of us have the ability to see the Vishwaroopa darshan. We just need to choose his teachings too.