Sastang Pranam Swamiji. Let me continue from where I left in Part-4.

After taking afternoon nap, we got ready for our ‘diner’ and Swamiji’s Discourse on Day-2. I voluntarily told Sanghamitra that she could go inside the temple to listen to the discourse while I would stand outside taking care of Samil and pacifying him. But to my bad luck, the ACs were on, and the windows were closed with curtains being drawn. I saw the mat just before the red velvet being cleaned with moist cloth by Divya Manoharan ji with full devotion. Sadhvi Vrinda Om ji and Shradhha Om ji were literally running to avoid getting delayed. Everyone in the Ashram follows time with utmost punctuality. I was waiting for Swamiji. As he approached with Vidyanand Swami and Vidu Swami in that graceful manner, I kneeled down carrying Samil in my lap and bowed down as he passed by.

The moment he took off his shoes, Sushree Nitya ji folded the mat on which his shoes were there (wrapping the shoes) and kept it inside and closed the door. Poor me! I stood outside one window nearby, which could not be completely closed. I was able to see faint image of Swamij through the window glass and curtain and hear faintly what Swamiji was saying. I held on Samil on my left shoulder and leaned towards my right with my right ear being pasted on the mosquito net on the window 😉!

Swamiji’s talk was on how to reduce excessive thinking and a few nuggets of humour are as follows:

  1. Chintayen bahot prakar ki hoti hain. Kisiko dhan ki chinta hai, kisiko health ki chinta hai, kisiko swayam ki chinta hai aur wohi mul chinta hai 😉
  2. Chintayen sabko pareshan karti hain, har koi chinta se mukti chahta hai aur Bhagawan ki prarthna karta hai. Par koi yah nahin kahta hai ki hey Bhagwan! is chintit jeevan se mukti de do. Agar Ishwar prakat ho kar bolen ki main tumhe iss jeevan se azaad karna chahta hoon, to har koi bolega, Prabhuji, main marna nahin chahta hoon. Jeevan toh jee raha hoon, han thodi chinta hai, but I will manage; gujara kar loonga chinta ke saath, bas jeevan yunhi chalti rahe 😉😉😉.
  3. Bahot jyaada chinta karne ki avshyakta nahin hai, kuch chintaen Ishwar ke upar bhi chhod dena chahiye; unko bhi apna kaam karne dijiye 😉
  4. Please do not over analyze anything. What is poison? Anything done in excess is poison – it is as simple as that!
  5. I just wanted to tell all of you that I love you all and Thank you for coming here travelling on this difficult road. But I ended up giving a big and exhaustive lecture 😉. Just kidding.

But the point which Swamiji made to all of us is, “I can’t take away all your worries and problems. I can’t neutralize them. But, let me assure you again and again that even in the face of all difficulties I will be with you. I will not leave you alone. You will find me with you. Whoever has come here will take something, main kisiko yahan se khali haath jane nahin doonga.” These were really heart touching lines which are etched in my permanent memory and I will carry to my grave.

I entered the temple during the time of Aarti and enjoyed it to the fullest while Sanghamitra came out with Samil. It was the copy paste of last Aarti description. Then Swamiji stepped out and with a smiling face started,” Main aap logon ka bahut bahut aabhari hoon, kyunki aap logon ne kal mera jyaada waqt nahin liya. Aap log aise hi apni kripa dristi banaye rakhen mere upar, I will be very happy. Aap logon ka samay bahut keemti hai, so I don’t want you to waste your time (in the Aussie accent)😉.

Then he went on to mention,” Shastron ke hisab se har ghat mein Bhagwan hain. Toh aap sab ke andar bhi Bhagwan hain. Aap log aapas mein mail-milap kar lijiye aur apne apne bhavon ka aadan pradan kar lijiye. Jab aap ke aandar hi Bhagwan hain toh aapko mera wala hi kyun chahiye😉?” The hall burst into laugh riot.

My simple answer to the question is, “humare wale Bhagwan soye hue hain (in Sleep Mode 😉) aur aap ke andar wale Bhagwan ko aap ne jaga diya hai. That’s why hum ko aap ke wale Bhagwan hi chahiye!” Please do write about your thoughts in this regard. Do you agree?

Then Swamiji headed towards the Meeting Hall and I kneeled down on the exit path. Our family meeting was scheduled shortly afterwards. Actually, the meeting was set on 18th March 2022. But Basudev Om ji was kind enough to shift the schedule to the next day to give us some time to relax and acclimatize. It was a really good thing as we got some breathing time and relaxed a bit.

We went to our room to get freshen up. In the meantime, Kirtee ji called us and asked to be present at the waiting place to meet Swamiji. We were a little late and poor Basudev ji came down running. Panting, he told us, “Biswa Bhai, please hurry up as you may be called at any time.” We rushed to the waiting area of the meeting Hall.

Samil could not get his feeding because of the hurry and was crying. Sanghamitra was trying her best to pacify him. I was nervous. So was Sahil. Before us, two families were there. By the time, the first family had their Darshan of Swamiji, Samil was a little bit under control. We heaved a sigh of relief. Then the next family went inside. My heart was beating like anything.

As we were waiting with bated hearts, Swamiji’s meeting room door opened, and Vidyanand Swami went inside. Then he indicated us to enter. To our bad luck (but it was not) Samil started crying inconsolably. Sanghamitra feared another early exit or worst ‘no entry’ at all. But time was running out and we had to make the decision of now or never. With all these thoughts, we entered into Swamiji’s meeting room.

In the personal meeting with Swamiji, what we saw there was…

(To be continued…)

Jai Shri Hari…

PS: The featured Image is taken by me at the Ashram. This building is Swamiji’s abode in the Ashram. In this complex, all the Swami jis, both the Sadhvi jis dwell. Thanks a lot Kirtee Om ji, for providing us the room from which clear view of the building was visible. And Swamiji, a big sorry as I had not taken your permission clicking this photo. Please forgive me if I have committed any mistake. I am your ‘screw dhila’ child Bhagwan!

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