Today, I visited the ISKCON temple in Dwarka, New Delhi. The above image is not of ISKCON Dwarka, although I clicked it there. It was hanging on the left ally of the temple.

I had some work near the temple so my friend and I decided that why not visit the temple. In my mind, I pictured it like the image above, so I had a bit of difficulty finding it. We then reached the temple. It was small but magnificent. I removed my shoes before entering the temple. I have always wanted to visit the temple. My coaching class was near it and every day I used to tell myself that once I clear my entrance exam I will go to the temple every week.

Today I made it possible. The entrance had a security check. Some sort of metal detecting passway. Entering the temple, I was mesmerized. It was really beautiful and neat. There were not many people there today either so it wasn’t really chaotic. The courtyard was also very decorated and to the side there were shops. I heard the beautiful sound of Krishna aarti in the temple and I decided to go in. I felt different energy there. Although everyone was chanting Hare Krishna, the loudspeakers were on but I felt really really peaceful and safe.

After the aarti, I roamed around the entire temple, enjoying its beauty, clicked a few pictures, and then purchased some sweets for home from the temple. We then left. 

It was a short visit, but it was one of those which you can distinctly remember and reminisce about in the future. 

Also, my last post has been featured. I am not a premium member currently but I am saving money for it as I have no source of income apart from my parents. I can’t wait to read the comments on my post and write on others’. In my last post, I tell about the most life-defining aspect of my life. I am really grateful I could share it with you. Thank you so much team

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