I am not a writer .Just sharing my journey to overcome fears and negativity with pure honesty and by the grace of my master .

In one line I was clinically a depressed person,ocd,fears,you name it I had it for years.But nature has its ways.I met my master seven years back .My prabhuji from day one .surrender from day one,my ashram my home.I found my home at last.nature listens yes it does,

Master can make anything possible,but now my work begins.The only purpose in life to make my master proud .I started doing meditation.regularly .break of dawn,one hour I would spend on my black lotus.I was very good at visualisation.I would in my silence meditation just see myself in the ashram ,speaking to Shri Hari,burning my negativity it could be anything in the havan kund.and then in ashes.

I would imagine my private meeting with my master.just sitting and he working on me.just him and me.Filling me with all the serotonin,enforcing light.My affirmations positive ones,healing every negativity in me.basically tricking my brain.and it worked.I was a new me.Filled with hope ,ready to take the world but surrender is the key.visualisation to attract positivity.Dive in please.humbly .Try it please.It works.




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