My husbands Mama ji is a first generation Indian settled in U s.,with an only son raised with most culturally rich and traditional life style. His name is Vivek and is now a software professional in Ciettel . Vivek is a very courteous, decent and sweet looking Dever a bhabee can have and i m proud we get along well. When Vivek was in his high school being a chashmish and braces rabbit tooth guy with his mom putting ample mustard oil in his hair where bhajiya could be fried ,he dint have many freinds, expecially talking with high pony ,minni skirt American chicks was a no no for my brahmchaari boy. But as they say when the cupid s arrow play even brave bhondu and lalloo Lay. SO Vivek fell in love with a very sweet class mate Kaity Potter who was into social work and had come to Nepal on a drinking water cleaning project. Soon Vivek was 25 and employed with Google and ofcourse being an only child ,good looking ,well settled ,green card holder he was the most eligible bachelor for all distant relatives and friends daughters who were of marriageable age. But Vivek was admant to marry Kaity which his parents after meeting the girl a few times approved Now is what i want each member to relive and celebrate with me! Since i have always bagged the Best bahoo award in our extended rishtedaari,i was given the responsibility of handling all the Foreign guests, so to explain them all indian wedding traditions was my role. Since My husband’s Mamajee had business all around world ,guests from Germany ,Hungary ,America and France had all come to attend the Great grand destination wedding which was to take place at Aagraaa…thats how they knew India…a land of Taaaj Mhaal and snake charmers! So in the day before mehendi and haldi ceremony all the Firrangi people who were wearing sherwaanis ,golden turbans and Sarees which parlour lady had made them wear with 8 safety pins each! SO i write here some questions they asked me and my extempore answers to them….

1)why do they put mehndi to brides hands?…..ans)its a litmus paper test for how much brides mother in law will love her…darker the mehendi more the love…….

2)why different women wear different size bindi? Ans…the more your husband loves you ,the bigger the bindi. 3)why does mother in law pull bride grooms nose when he enters wedding destination? Ans…they are checking if he was a liar like pinnochio so is there nose length original or long….

4)Why does every one hug each other ( milni) ? Ans…they check each others waist size and see if the clothes they are gifting will fit each other. 5) Why do they attach one currency coin in an envelop with money ( saggan lifaafa)…..Ans).we respect our father of Nation, Gandhi jee so take his blessings in each marriage…

6)why does the bride wear choora( red bangles)? Ans…so that noise of her bangles voice makes all men of house aware that young daughter in law is coming and they should shy away from her! 7) Please teach us dance steps on dhol….Ans) see the stars and put your arms up as if checking your t shirt tore from arm pit! 8) While going round and round around fire pit what do guests of marriage do? ANS…since vivek s marriage was in deep winter and open air and we had arranged quilts for guests…i answered..the guest have to be wrapped in quilts! A genius german freind of bride said… tough if marriage is in month of IndianJun.
9) why katie made a tree wear a garland* ( she was manglik according to panditjee.)Ans…
We are lovers of flora and fauna so we give them respect before marrying. 10 ) Why did wedding card mention Krishna tulsi to Katie? ANS…Bholee bhuaa can only call her Krishna tulsi for her love of Shweta kapoor s Kundali bhagya and Kum kum bhagya. These are some of the foreigner dillemas i solved with my tenali Ramman wits….

If any of your freinds or relatives too had a cross cultural mention the confusions and questions there.

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