Recently when i was at Gym my kids got hungry and asked there nani to make a roti for them with egg plant roasted in tomatoes and seasoned with bell peppers and Cillentro i mean Desi bharthaaa with dhaniya patti. When i returned home both Nani and kids were Hangreee i mean angry in hunger…they had told nani where is your 50 year roti making experience? U cant cook us wheat flat rounddells? The Nani was in tears showing me the roti she had rolled but got stuck to Tawaa,she complained it was a big hassle to roll the chapati too! I smiled a little and like Khisyaani cat scratching pillar disclosed that i had put Nestle lemmon ice tea in aata container in hurry as i was getting late for gym. Nani had got aata storage dabba washed and dried to maintain aata freshness but they could never trust my innovative skills u see. Khair, mystery was solved and kids ordered Domino s pizza as a penality. The mother of kids has some queries which u may help her to get rid of….1….Why is hot dog named so….never saw a dog sniffing at it and getting hot! 2 Why foreingners call our tomatoe gravy curry…then what do they call the besan thing we eat with rice? Why is ceaser salad having this name ? Did julious like it? 3 Do potatoes where jackets when roasted? 4 Why are cooki and crackers not biscuits 5 when there is neither a rose nor Jambullina why our favorite sweet is Gulab jamun? 6 when i can see neither neembu nor ghass y the tea is lemon grass? 7 when we eat a sweet dish in snowy mountains y is still a desert? 8 why is my chowmein called Haaka? These are few of the many questions this ignorant mum has,….if each of us can shed some torch and remove shacles of ignorance…would be appreciated.

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