As humans, we have this strange habit of reacting to things and situations faster than we can even think. Someone says something to us and we have already started speaking like the greatest orator before we realise. By the time we come back to our senses, it’s too late. The damage has been done.

Over a few months, I have observed myself, and failed a few times too. Okay! Maybe more than a few. But as they say practice makes perfect. No no am not perfect yet. So, what did I observe?

You see, when we get a message or an email, we often feel an urge to address it immediately. It’s not a bad thing if it’s straightforward and neutral. However, if that email or message contains some criticism, our initial response may not give out the right vibes. A wise friend often tells me that words carry energy. And since then, whenever possible, I try to wait it out when I receive an email or a communication of some sort. It’s very wise and of huge benefit to wait it out before responding to things.

When we act immediately, it’s a reaction and when we wait, it’s a response.

To be honest, waiting works wonders! Try the following some time:

  • Whenever you receive something, type up a response but do not send it immediately.
  • Save it as a draft instead.
  • Then go back to that person’s email a few hours later or even a couple of days later.
  • Type up another response, your mind will be calmer.
  • Now it’s time for damage check: Compare both emails; the first draft and the new draft, and the sea of difference between the two may shock you.

You see when we receive an undesirable or unwanted message or email, we quickly go defensive and type up our reaction. However, when we pause, wait it out and see things as they are, we become much more compassionate and understanding towards the other person.

The bottom line is that nothing is really that urgent, and making decisions hastily almost always leads to unnecessary consequences. I still cringe at things I have sent in haste. But don’t get into the trap of forgetting to even reply. I plead guilty of this…  

Waiting it out can also apply to making any kind of decision because when our mind is revving up like an airplane engine, it’s extremely difficult to assess things with clarity. Pause, relax, give it time, then act, is a pretty cool mantra. Now if we could use this before speaking too, it would be quite amazing. It would be living life in Divine-Style. Don’t you think?

So, try it out, wait it out and send it out!:)