I rushed home.

‘What’s the matter?’ Mom asked looking at me.

‘I have a work-call in 15 minutes and I am sooo hungry. Is lunch ready?’

‘Yes!’ she smiled

‘Ma…this sabzi is very tasty!’ I complimented her wolfing down the food hungrily.

‘Eat at a slow pace being grateful for the food beta.’ Ma reprimanded.

‘Sorry! But you know I don’t like to keep others waiting.’

‘Pff…’ She made a face.

Finishing my lunch hurriedly I went to my room and fired the laptop. I was on time. There was no call. I waited. Where’s Bhargav? I thought 10 minutes later. I pinged him slightly peeved.

He messaged back ‘Call you in 15.’ Typical…  I was disgruntled as I waited some more. 

After 30 minutes I was like … What the hell! What is he doing? Wasting my time like this

I was restless and couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I needed his help on this project and I couldn’t go ahead without further discussion. Why is he so careless? Always late…I remembered the some past occasions when he had done the same thing. I was in a tizzy now as I raked fingers through my hair, walking up and down my room trying to work out my restless energy.

I remembered my hurried lunch, it had all been for nothing. I was more upset. A red haze of anger now enveloped me. Losing my patience, I shot a terse message hoping to get a reaction from Bhargav but there was no response. Baffled and vexed, I tried to distract myself into doing some thing else.

The phone rang a couple of hours later. It was Bhargav. Let it ring… I am not going to answer. Who is he anyway?

The phone rang for a long time…finally  I picked up ‘ I am so sorry Raj… I was caught up in a medical emergency.’ Bhargav’s voice was trite.

Sinking onto the couch ‘ Ohh…’ was all I could manage.

‘My brother was in an accident. So, I had to rush to the hospital. Sorry, there was no time to call or respond to your message.’

I remembered my terse message ‘Was that 15 minutes or hours you meant?’ Guilt flooded me.

‘Sorry Bhargav! I had lost my patience waiting for your call.’

‘ Hey it’s okay! You didn’t know!’ He was generous.

‘ How’s your brother doing?’ 

‘ It was a minor accident. So, thank god!’ Our discussion continued.

A few minutes after the call I sat down calmly with my cup of coffee and reflected on the incident… Why didn’t I wait some more before reacting and sending that message? I had already been waiting why couldn’t I wait some more?

Believe it or not waiting has a plethora of emotions or feelings associated with it. And mine was anger and thus I had overreacted. I had labelled Bhargav as a late-comer in my mind due to our past history. Haven’t I been late sometime due to unavoidable circumstances? So, why couldn’t I have given him the same benefit of doubt?

If I had waited some more, I would have saved myself from a lot of unease and guilt. Plus, I had wasted more time and energy being restless and angry.

But why do we have to wait? And how to go about it?

Waiting is patience. It requires persistence and effort…

Perhaps that was the reason behind this very important lesson of life. We always appreciate and value the things that we have worked and waited for. It strengthens us. Perhaps it is nature ‘s way to hone these qualities within us.

I made a resolve that henceforth whenever I had to wait for a – bus, cab or reply to my emails, queries, invitation, meetings, calls etc. and the opposite person was late… I would still wait a bit more. I was going to give a pause before reacting. The opposite person could be in a dire situation the way Bhargav was and it was certainly better to wait than feeling remorse later…

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