Being dependent on oneself is a blessing in this world. As we grow in our lives, many of us start to find our happiness in external things, thereby making us more dependent on them. Finding happiness in things that are outside of us only brings temporary happiness, leaving a void forever. We cling to entertainment, food, and pleasure and try to cheer ourselves up. We find happiness in others and even seek our comfort and protection in another person.

While to grow one’s inner self in a manner that provides you protection at all times. Today’s generation is becoming more dependent on external things. They are being brought up in a manner where less emphasis is placed on internal growth. When our foundations inside us are strong, a person can sustain any storm. I believe it is high time the new generation should try to put emphasis on the inner self. We should be dependent on ourselves, i.e., on our capabilities… aatamnirbhar as an individual or nation, one may say.

I take an opportunity to learn lessons from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, where Ukraine relied heavily on the west for any military aggression on its land. And in lieu of that, they stopped expanding their defence mechanisms and destroyed their nuclear power many years ago. Certainly, with this war, Ukraine was left with nothing and failed miserably. The west refused to come in and safeguard them from aggression. With this war, many nations have started to rethink their defence capabilities and boost them to cater to any emergency situations.

Instead of relying on others, we should be dependent on ourselves. And this lesson is so powerful, yet it applies to everyone on an individual basis. It poses a big question before us: how strong we are from within to cater to any kind of heartbreak in life. Most people seek external help to soothe themselves, but that doesn’t work in most cases. And the person is surrounded by negativity.

This brings to fore that if we work constructively on ourselves, be it spiritual, economic, personal, mental development and faith in ourselves, then individuals can deal with all the circumstances of life with ease. To bring happiness to oneself and be able to keep it alive is something so special to human beings. “As nothing can equal the happiness which one finds in oneself.”

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om