Last year on this date, Swamiji gave me the first step of initiation. I thought that my life is now going to change drastically and some kind of miracle will happen! While nothing of that sort happened, my family members say that since then I have got changed to a great degree! They say that I no longer become angry frequently or get disturbed often. Swamiji also wrote somewhere that spiritual progress happens in immeasurable units!

I want to do more! I seriously want to keep myself reminded about Swamiji’s teachings all the time. In fact, one of Swamiji’s blogs  gave me the idea! I must have to have some uncompromising rules or principles in my life if I am serious to walk the path of spirituality and Sadhana. Come what may, I am not going to break these rules! After working on it for several days I have decided upon five principles of life and resolved to work on them one by one till they become my second nature. Today, I am going to write about my first principle, as I have practiced it for sometime without fail and pretty confident to retain it. I am going to reveal about my other principles one at a time in near future, after living through them enough, and when I am sure that it has become my second nature! So, here is the first principle: Walk daily! However, there is a method to follow this rule! Please read on!

In several discourses and occasions, Swamiji has always stressed on keeping ourselves physically fit. He even said that keeping fit is akin to giving Guru-dakshina! Without a physically fit body, forget about doing Sadhana, even remaining minimally happy will become a distant dream!

While I don’t have any major illness or obesity related problems, I do have my own share of health issues. I was suffering from acute migraine problem since 2004, which suddenly disappeared around 2012 or so, with the replacement of a severe sneezing related allergy problem! The allergy issue got so worse earlier this year that without taking medication and using Otrivin I was even unable to breathe properly. Frequent use of Otrivin resulted in headache and feeling sleepy or lazy most of the time. My students often used to ask me if I was suffering from some kind of flu! This innocent looking disease perturbed my chanting, meditation and literally everything!

A miracle!

This year in March, I joined the live-stream of Nav-Durga Sadhana  from the ashram and did Yajna, fire offerings, in the evening as directed by Swamiji. In the morning of the first day itself, I prayed with all my hearts to Mother Divine to, at least, make me get rid of Otrivin! Miraculously, since then and till date I have not touched Otrivin and other medicines. I got almost cured from this allergy problem, which created so much havoc in my life! I sincerely believe that it is entirely due to the grace and intervention of Mother Divine!

Finding a way!

I am not going to disturb Mother Divine with my petty issues anymore. I have decided to take good care of my health. I don’t want to suffer from acidity or other health issues anymore or minimise such issues significantly. Moreover, in order to do rigorous spiritual Sadhana in near future I must develop enormous stamina so that I can sit still like a rock for long duration. I asked the Universe for a doable method and asked  how can I do it!

I am fond of walking! I used to walk like  a toofan mail in my graduation days inside the IIT Delhi campus! Once my teacher asked me to come to his house, which was nearly 2.5 kms from my hostel. When I reached his house within 7-8 minutes, he thought that I came by my scooter, which I didn’t have! In fact I roamed in Delhi’s Munirka and Vasant Vihar area by brisk walking and enjoyed that immensely. I was pretty fit then! ….  I got the way!!!

Taking control via my favourite exercise!

I decided that I would make it mandatory for me to walk each day, no matter what! I usually go to my office, which is nearly 2 kms away from my residence in the campus, each day at 9 am or so. I come for lunch around 1 pm and again go to office at 3 pm and come back after 7 pm.  This is my routine, Monday to Saturday, and even sometimes on Sunday! I made it a principle that I shall do at least one round of to and fro travel to my workplace by walking. In the morning I will go to my office by my scooter or car and while coming for lunch to my residence I will come on foot, leaving the vehicle at the parking of my office. After lunch I will return to my office again by walking. Or, I will do the post-lunch session travel completely on foot. This way I will be able to walk for nearly 4 kms each day or at least six days a week.  This is going to be my uncompromising principle till the retirement from my job!


I am abiding by this principle for more than three weeks now. Initially, I had intense pains in both my legs as I was not habituated, and moreover, our campus is a hilly place. But now, it has already become a habit to me, and most importantly I am thoroughly enjoying it. I keep an umbrella all the time with me! Rain or no rain, Covid or no Covid, I am going to keep up this habit! Because gains are immense! Some of them are as follows:

  • Good sleep. I am having sound sleep, which was a rarity in my life earlier!
  • High Self-esteem. As I am able to keep up my promise, it has increased my confidence and will power.
  • Stamina. Yes, I feel it. I am no longer getting tired easily!
  • Good mood. I have never felt so happy earlier!
  • Saving Petrol! Oh yes, I am saving money as well as contributing to the environment! Moreover, its an act of kindness!

In fact, scientific research also proves that walking is one of the best exercises. By the way, I lost more than 1 kg in just ten days! I request the readers to read this link: Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Every Day. So, please keep on walking!!!