Pranam at Swami ji’s feet!

I was undecided to write today, the thought of causing division & upset worried me! I did upset some fellow sadhakas with the previous post. It is a paid material and I apologies- meant no plagiarism! Besides my words can never match his deliverance and teachings! On an equal note, some needy souls can’t afford or attend it. Having been there when Swami personally resuscitated bits of my life, I felt the moral obligation! Hence attempting again.

Swami ji opened the session, emphasising upon clarity of vision & thoughts. Our thoughts are transmitted to the Universe. If we transmit clear thoughts, the Universe can help us with clarity.

Thereupon he stated; SALE is the lifeline of any business!
Equally when selling “don’t be aggressively passionate”. It generates awkwardness and off putting for customers. Equally, don’t show desperate since no one buys from a desperate salesperson.

Understand the psychology of a customer and sell them a story. For example, how the product will suit their lifestyle, add utilisation value and save time for them etc. Must have a great product.

After building to a crescendo with interesting stories he said “in fact don’t sell at all”- just tell them (customer) a story! Story that a customer can relate to. Connect with them on human, emotional and preferential level! Make way into their consciousness!

He narrated personal experiences and said, “most sustainable businesses do know largely what their customer wants”. But a highly successful one gather the “finickity detail” on what the customers hasn’t shared. He beautifully said; “Devil is not in the detail, instead it’s in the omission of the detail”.

Don’t let the customer say “No”- (remember no aggressively passionate approach). BUT point them towards the fact of appreciating, what will it “cost ’em” if they didn’t buy from you! For example, if they did not buy your service it may cause them inconvenience, wasted time and inappropriate purchase etc.

Obsess over what the customer needs. Never take the customer for granted! If a mistake happens; offer explanation and rectification. Happy customers will bring more customers (old fashioned word of mouth)!

In the Q&A Swami ji clarified that one should not misconstrued our work ethic! Simply obsessing over the “delight” of our customers (material world), we are NOT going away or against spirituality. When an act is performed with pure intentions, is a spiritual act!

Your product cannot be “everything” to all, but whatever unique consumer value your business/ product has, please ensure it is the finest!

Swami ji also honed in the importance of PR and market research for your product.

Be an exceptional listener to be a great boss (in business).

To summarise be enthusiastic about your business/ product and obsessive over customer happiness. Never go for deception or misrepresentation- be honest!

Apologies, my work is disjointed today! Will try harder next time.

Jai Shri Hari and Pramas at Swami ji’s feet.