Walk the Dragon- our 3rd Session with Swami ji

Pranam at Swami ji’s feet

The theme of this session was “Focus”.
Swami ji started with a narration of a conversation between two bigwigs. The moral of this conversation was keep your list very small and do not clutter it.

If you get requests that can you this, that and the other in your business model- do not be burdened to oblige.
Please maintain your focus on what you set out to do. In addition, ensure that your organisation maintains the same focus as well!

Swami ji covered some illustrations from the reading list emphasising the importance of each one of us owning an ”attentional space”. The less things we put in our attentional space the less we clutter it. Therefore, the better we are at attending to fewer things within our attentional space. Keep your focus “concentrated” with less things in this space.

He doesn’t believing in “multi-tasking”. To explain Swami ji releveled that he picks up a task/ theme and only shifts his focus from this theme once the task is accomplished. One of the books “Deep work” discussed that many historic achievers such as Carl Jung, Mark Twain and J.K Rowling have all worked in solitude to accomplish deep work. Swami Ji divulged that he was in total solitude when he authored all his books. Interestingly he wrote each one of them in period of 1-2 weeks, “that’s how productive our Swami ji is”! I have read this in Sadhvi Vrinda Ji’s narration’s as well- I think it might be the book of faith or Om Swami as we know him! She very explicitly said he works in solitude and works tirelessly to complete a book within weeks.

We were shown some clips like last sessions. These were to highlight the people with the highest resolve can achieve as they have a “complete Focus” on their business/ product/ objective. People with highest resolve know their product, market, finances, customer and everything in between that need to know. They are not mentally defeated by the odds stacked against them!

Often these people are high achievers!

Five Key Things to Focus:
1. Customer
2. Prospective customer
3. Product
4. Employee
5. Only focus on CORE business

Always train you organisations (all staff) to embrace your Core values and focus. Any and all staff can kill or make a deal in a business, thus ensure all your staff are responsible to understand the core values.

Get rid of non-performers (please do not hold any prisoners), or they will kill your dream!

Never do business with friends as they just feed your cognitive illusion and confirmation bias. They bring nothing new to the business.

Within your organisation keep the individually performing teams small (only 2-3 people/ team). That’s how they stay focused, engaged and responsible for their tasks.

Swami ji did pack in a quick 30 second meditation as well in the Q & A.

I would like to focus on my personal “attentional space” and stop further blogs on this course. I apologise for this.

A great find though, there is an anonymised sadhak who does provide a really clear and detailed account of each of these sessions in a pdf format.

Please request for the permission to have access to it. It is much clearer than my body of work. It also is very detailed and at the same time succinct.

Pranams at Swami ji’s feet.