Whilst walking this morning I listened to Swami ji’s Youtube “pravachana”. It was on keeping ones sadhana details  personal with TOTAL nondisclosure to anyone till one’s goal is achieved.

I rang my mum instantly. It was my anxiety about sharing my work plans. Our work is a type of sadhana too as Swami ji often says! Mother reassured me right away!
Putting things in perspective she said, “work stuff you have to share to seek support/ guidance/ alliance”.

After that I settled to attend the Swaminar on WALK THE DRAGON.
Writing on it is a form of Swami ji’s “stuti”.
Always wonder one day Swami ji might read it and bless my existence too! That was my primary motive with others as;

-helping others who are unable to attend,

-grasping it better after writing the content down and

-getting to relearn leadership skills.

Sincere apologies if I have given any other or wrong impressions.

Attempting to sum up the last session now! He detailed the main points of each of the last six session.

The 1st session- Main subject was “vison” here. One’s vision must be crisp and clear on what they want to achieve in a business. No one knows what will happen but all we can do is increase the probability of one’s success. He reiterated again that we must know, why we want to do this (business)? It is important to be clear of our motives.

The 2nd session- It was all about “sales”. Do tell a story and don’t sell a product. Connect with customers emotionally as they love buying but hate being sold to. They will buy your service or product if you connect with them. Never let down or deceive a customer.

3rd Session- It was focused on “Focus”! The better we are at attending to fewer things, our focus remains “concentrated”. He also emphasised on not to hire out staff to oblige friends/ family. Good friends may not necessarily make competent workers. Always measure the quality of your results or outcomes to constantly improve the business.

4th Session- The theme was ‘communication” here. Swami ji reminded us the fundamental point of one’s communication is, the ability to make the other person understand your perspective. He briefly discussed main points of effective communication as we covered in this session. I am not a businesswoman, but personally this was my most favourite session.

5th Session- The aim of this session was Marketing. He detailed the market strategies in this one.
I only listened to the video recording of this and had to take planned leave from this session. Please ask for the video recording of these sessions. They might be a paid content just like “Gorakh dhanda”. I still listen to it when I am down beat. It’s a great investment!

6th Session- Was about writing a Business Plan. It was with a series of eight questions as below:
What are your vision and mission?
Why are you doing and who are your competitors?
What are your competitive advantages and who would you do it with?
What investment and resources do you need and what will be your returns?

After that Swami ji gave the analogue of a Dragon as a business. He clearly stated that doing a business is never easy, it takes a lot out of a person, is a full time commitment and would include major stresses! But people still do it because it’s their “vision” and strong conviction!

The Q & A was primarily people asking about novel business ideas. He suggested many including; car air purifiers, platform for getting all the spiritual leaders to present on one platform or India’s own Facebook or Google etc.  

He packed in answers to numerous questions……

Our humble Swami ji drew the session to close by acknowledging efforts from Vidu Swami ji, Navjot Gautam, Raunaq Mittal and OS team who had facilitated video, correspondence/inquiries, and audio aspects of this course respectively.

Swami ji also mentioned that he had been regularly surveying on who attended and how long did people devote. He was grateful that people did spend good 10.5 hours in these December- January to attend this course.
He would get us to complete the feedback at a later date!
Finally, Swami ji stated that one can only enjoy any business if they feel they are constantly growing spiritually in their cause!

Sad that it’s over and would not get to see Swami ji for some time. Equally I learnt a lot in these seven sessions! It was a really great experience to be with him for 1.5 hours each Sunday. The courses was highly valuable, very much gemmed with latest business literature, Swami Ji’s personal experiences, new & classic business psychology.

I kept on saying to my Mac screen Swami ji I need you, need your attention but the session ended.

I even clicked a few screen grabs to capture his smiling face :). People of my age do not do that, I am certainly not a social media person, I do not have any accounts and never had one!

But here I was clicking away pressing:

Shift Key + cmd + 4 to have my live Swami ji’s image. Till I see him next………………….. I leave the rest to him!

Jai Shri Hari and pranams at Swami Ji’s feet.