Today I wanna tell you a story of my school where I got fracture in my leg.

Here’s the story:

A few days ago I was in school and I was thinking about recess as it was my 4th period. In recess after eating I was filling my water bottle from the water cooler. Then I saw my friends going down the school playground through the stairs . So I filled the water bottle, kept it in the class and rushed to the ground. There were so many children going down. Suddenly on the 2nd floor by mistake someone pushed me and I fell down from 7 to 8 stairs. I had swelling in my right leg. I wasn’t able to walk at that time. I shouted to my friends and then they came and lifted me. They took me to the medical room and they gave me an ice pad to do icing. Then for some time I got relief in my leg. After coming from school I slept for around 1hour and then went to the doctor and he said it’s a fracture. Then he tied plaster on my leg for at least 40 days. Now it’s my bedrest for 1 week . Doctor called me again after a week for check up and he did leg X – ray again and give bed rest for two weeks more. I wish next week he allows me to walk, so that I can go back to school again. I am missing my school so much.

Takeaway :

I should be very alert when walking on the stairs everywhere.                          

Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling☺️