Any activity can become an opportunity for mindfulness practice, particularly moments of transition. Reflect on the times when you have to get from A to B perhaps to visit another floor or collect the mail these journeys are often empty moments, but they can become opportunities to do something different. We can turn this deadtime into practice. When we do this , we move from doing into being mode, bringing us back to present moment, creating a mindful pause that can prevent things feeling out of control. This influences how we continue to think and behave. A small behavioral shift can have a much larger effect. Make the intention to turn these moments of transition into mindfulness practice.


  • As you go from A to B, pay attention to your experience as it unfolds with interest and without judgment.
  • Notice any felt experiences the sensations of your feet on the floor, your hand grasping the door, changes in temperature and air, etc.
  • Become aware of any thoughts. There might be sense of anticipation about what is coming next or maybe nervousness. What does that feel like physically in the body? where can you feel it ? Be curious.
  • Acknowledge any emotions that might be present there may be more than one.
  • Be mindful of any encounters with other people. What do you notice ?
  • You may want to vary your attention, keeping it tightly focused, then expanding it to have a wider sense of your environment.
  • Recognize that you won’t always remember to do this, and that’s okay.