Yes it’s an invitation to all members of this beautiful family let’s have a walk with Great Guru Nanak … being born in Sikh family I grew up listening hymns of Gurubani….I used to read book named as  GURU NANAK CHAMATKAR as I have already mentioned in my previous post …it’s really wonderful experience to read it ….it has beautiful description of places where Gurunanak visited along with his companion Bhai Mardana … of course wherever he went he left his footprints along with an amazing story over there .So would u like to walk along footprints of Great Guru Nanak ….? 

I would like to share a brief account of Five Divine Journeys with you before walking …you will be amazed to see how far Guru Nanak travelled on foot at that time to spread the Divine message.

Places where Gurunanak visited…

  1. Journey (Udasi): (1500-1506 A D)
    Lasted for about 7 years and covered Sultanpur,Multan,Panipat,Delhi,Banaras, Nanakmatta (Nainital U.P),Assam, Saidpur (modern Eminabad Pakistan ), Sialkot Guru Nanak was then at age of 31-37
  2. Journey (Udasi): (1506-1513) lasted about 7 years and covered Dhanasri valley and Ceylon Sangladeep 
    Guru Nanak was then at age of 37-44

3.  Journey (Udasi):(1514-1518AD)
lasted for about 5 years and covered Kashmir,Sumer parbat,Nepal,Tibet, Sikkim and Tashkand.

Guru Nanak was then at age of 45-49

4. Journey(Udasi):(1519-1521) lasted for 3 years and covered Mecca and Arab Countries.He was then at age of 50-52

5. Journey (udasi)(1523-1524AD)
Lasted for about 2 years and covered areas within Punjab.

I will share one story from each Journey it means this series will have five stories and hymns uttered by Guru Nanak on these places …so it will be a musical and poetic journey also .I will share beautiful poems written by Great Disciple and poet of Sikh religion ….I trust you will enjoy this Journey a lot…