Sharing the poem of Dr.Vir Singh ji…


     (NAAM  PYALA)

The cup of the beautiful word

Is overflowing o friends !!

Who will have a sip of it ?

Keep watching , o friends.

She whose own cup 

Is brimming with desire,

She alone will receive it, but

Hold on to this secret.

Resumed from Part 3

Priest : I will never bow to that sinful and cunning devil who used his witchcraft to deceive our innocent king. I think I have to send a man to kashi ,so that he can bring the order from the priests of higher authority for the king to renounce his religion or to leave the path of Nanak…!

Sehju: Pandit ji ! Your religion is very weak.From ” religion” I don’t mean the thin layer of beliefs, that you carry your knowledge around but I mean the consciousness of truth that your soul is aware of,  is religion.Your awareness, your consciousness of truth is weak and the proof of your weak conscience can no better be reflected from the wrath of anger that you have gained artistry in . To denounce an impious man from his religion is not wrong but how come the admirers of artificial paper flowers will ever know the fragrance of rose and jasmine ?

Your awareness and knowledge about religion is too  confined to know about the vast ocean of love that the king has got engulfed in.That trader surely had strong and heightened awareness about the path of love that he swept our scriptuous and religious king away into the world of Nanak’ s ambrosial love. Whatever strategies you are planning of Pandit ji, are used against the lovers of God from the time immemorial but lovers never fall short of strength for they have already surrendered everything to their beloved lord.So, I really don’t care if our king converts into a Muslim or a Buddhist monk, but I will never use fear, deceit and hate to keep him intact to his sect. 

Priest : Oh! the most righteous and the most honourable knower of truth , please throw some light on my poor intellect so that I can bring the king back.

Sehju : I think you should talk with the king in a peaceful manner, clear all his doubts with your learned reason and logic.

But my sincere apologies , pandit ji !!

I think you will not return successful even if you follow this plan. Because if the king would leave his sect because Nanak’s path was superior in reason and knowledge then we might have the chances to bring him back but he has failed to love of Nanak. Thus, you can’t bring back a seeker who has left all his knowledge and intellect outside the door of love. 

I too have talked to that trader for a few hours , and trust me if he stayed at our land a little longer I too would have embraced Nanak’s path.Our king is not lost, rather he has been pulled by a magnetic source and there is no way back.

Priest : so ,you too have been deceived by the powerful black magic that the evil trader carried with himself ?

Sehju : O pandit !! the one whom you just called evil truly carried some magic with him but this magic is blissful, this magic was carried in the heart of LORD KRISHNA, this magic made PATANJAL to write PATANJAL YOG, this magic gave the strength to LORD RAMA to win over the egoistic RAVANA.This magic was Known to our BUDDHA, to the CONFUCIUS of CHINA, to THE JESUS OF ROME and to the MUHAMMAD. This magic has again descended in the world in the form of NANAK.

I have still not fallen in the love of NANAK,I still have not been touched by his divine magic but I am impartial and unbiased.I don’t see him through the glasses of my limited Knowledge because his vast love I think, can’t be put into our small intellects.I will not follow any path until and unless I don’t assess, examine and analyse the credibility of Nanak. I will bow only if I think his path is meritorious but it’s equally true that I will never defame Nanak to propagate my own religion.You must not call Mahmud of Ghazni, cruel because today I see no difference between him and you Pandit ji.He converted innocent people to Islam by the use of power and so are you.

After listening to Sehju,the Priest cursed him of his religion and called him untouchable.

Sehju: You see Pandit ji !! You reflect your weakness through your behaviour all the time.

Diwan : It’s actually true what all Sehju has just said, Pandit ji . 

 Pandit ji carried his anger with utmost grace and left the room to have another intellectual talk with the Queen.

To be continued….