Dear Family,

We are all passing through some really tough times. When I am writing this, covid cases has crossed 2.5 lakh cases per day. In my city, Mumbai, covid cases are approx 10000 per day. Nearly all cities are in some or the other form of lockdown; This has affected business as well as those in the job market. Just as they say, it is always darkest before the dawn. I dont want any of you to lose hope. Things will be better. Much better. Each one of us is a fighter. I want all of you  to remain focussed on your goals. Hope this following lines motivate you to achieve whatever your heart desires.



Life a beautiful odyssey to travel only once,
Filled with hurdles,obstacles and agony.
Before you embark,search within your soul,
A warrior lies dormant,awaiting your call.
An entire army could not stop the advancement of a brave heart,
The warrior awakens to the clarion call.
What sounded like a defeat,turning the tide against the enemies,
He infiltrated the enemy lines,letting loose the Lion within.
Many a times was wounded and hurt badly,
Taking two steps backwards,attacking again with a roar.
To never give up,no matter what,
The vision of victory forever high,sights firmly on the goal.
Many a cowards will desert this ferocious battle,
A warrior stands alone,carving his deeds to remember.
Some battles will be won,some will be lost,
What matters in the end,the glory bestowed by the war.
Even they were mortals,Arjun and Ram,
Who paved their way to their heroic charm.
Everday life greets us with evil to face,
Face with fervour,even you have within an Arjun or Ram.
This odyssey will never end with you losing the war,
A warrior lies dormant awaiting your call.

Jai Bajrangbali🙏🏻.


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