Water is extremely essential for all form of life, water is significant for our day to day functioning. It has numerous uses when we come to think about it. Majority of our earth is covered with water itself, but not all of it is safe for consumption. Nowadays shortage of water happening in our country, it makes it all the more important to conserve it immediately.

While water is quite essential and yet so scarce, however, people fail to realize this fact. They waste water with little or no care for the results of this activity. There are various ways in which one can avoid wasting water. To begin with, all households must get their leaking taps checked. They should fix them immediately as every drop is precious.

we must choose buckets instead of showers for bathing. This is a very debatable topic and it needs to be settled. Showers waste a lot of water, so people must prefer buckets. This particular habit is quite commonly found in most of the households. People do not turn off their taps while brushing their teeth and washing utensils. Always remember to keep the tap off when doing so.

In short, Water is very essential for survival of lifeforms, we must conserve it…… 

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