Seeing God in everyone- I found it as one of the difficult aspects of my life. 

I could meditate, I could visualise, I could think that God is residing in every living being but only when I was alone, when I was meditating.

But the problem was same: Whenever I was meeting someone, or whenever I was coming into direct contact with someone, I was forgetting the thing that God is living in him/her too.  Even conscious remembering was not elevating my heart to a stage where I can see equality in the existence.

Probably it was yesterday or day before I came with a change of perspective. But today I got the analysis correctly.

Today, I went for the morning walk; Ran in the field beside our village-river. Weather was soothing. 

After the run, while coming back, I was feeling good. There were no sense of superiority, there were no sense of inferiority when I was meeting people. As if I am at the same level of everyone, neither inferior nor superior. 

I crossed the Samshan. I saw few animals. I was feeling being at the same level with them too. And I found this: Whenever I was seeing someone I was constantly feeling that

“They will also go back to Maa, one day”

And these words, this feeling were doing the job for me. 

  • It was helping me to see that we all are at the same level
  • Neither I was inferior, nor they were superior
  • At the end we are her divine children

Behind all of these there I found a solid confirmation that like every single living being, one day I will also go back to Maa. 

So this is the thing helping me to see divine in everyone. It is helping me to erase my inferiority and superiority complex. I don’t know I am early enough to share this feeling or not but hope this helps some of you. 

I want to know from all of you.. how do you practice seeing divine in everyone? What are the ways?

Jai Maa! 

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