We All Are Equally Rich!

You Just Have To Be Wise

While I was on my way to the Shiva temple two days ago, where I usually spend my time, this thought came to my mind: we all have the same amount of time in a day; it’s just that how we choose to spend this time—that’s what makes all the difference!

Isn’t this true? Actually this thought popped up in my mind because there were two places I could go that night. A drama fest was going on here, which one of my friends organises every year. He is a sort of dramatist himself and has a team of his own. And he has been organising this event for the last five to six years now. So, I could choose to go there. But, I went on with the second option—that is, to come here, at this temple, to do my reading and writing. And I actually wrote this post sitting there in the temple. Many of my posts are written there.

So, I decided to go there. And that’s why that thought came to my mind. On one hand, they were doing what they planned to do—that is, to organise that event, and drama is their passion. And, in fact, it has its own importance. After all, they are doing a great job by sustaining and nurturing the cultural legacy of this place. But, I had to ask a more important question to myself: what am I supposed to do with this free time that I have? 

It would certainly be very wonderful if I went there. I could see some performances, enjoy some buzz. But, it wouldn’t have been productive for me. And that’s why I chose otherwise. 

And I went there. But, with this decision, a realization came—that we are all equally rich! Because we all have the equal amount of time to craft our life. How we choose to spend it is the real deal! So, if at least time is considered, we are all equally wealthy!

But if you measure how rich you are only from the perspective of money and wealth, that’s one thing. But, there are other more valuable scales, you know. For example, health! If you instead measure how wealthy you are in terms of health, that is, how healthy and full of life you are, isn’t that a more significant and intelligent way to do so? And here I used the scale of time. We all are gifted with exactly 24 hours! 86,400 seconds! That’s our balance, which gets renewed every day in our time bank; but, how we spend this currency is gonna define our day. Anyway this quota of time gets exhausted, whether we want it or not. So, the common sense speaks: let’s make the best of every moment. 

I think the way we think about time and spend it should be brought into more awareness. Because time is the only thing that you can never get back. Once gone, it’s gone forever. It only remains in our memories then, where we can time-travel freely as much as we want, but can’t do anything with it!

So, be more conscious about time. Don’t be too rigid though. Leave some room for yourself so that you can heal and grow. 

I hope, whatever amount of time you have in your life—you’ll put that to good use, for yourself, and for others. 

Thank you.
Image Credit: Kevin Ku on unsplash.

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