I stumbled upon a video in youtube about an unconventional zoo-keeper who rescues orphaned wild animals. The animals live with him in his shelter he made for wild animals. The wild animals include very dangerous animals like leopard and hyenas too yet they don’t hurt him. He has been with such animals for last 47 years and yet he is unharmed by those animals.

We are always taught in our spiritual journey that we are all made up of love, that we are nothing but love. We are born out of love and to love but due to the conditioning of the society, as we grow up, we forget that. We forget that our basic nature is to be love and spread love and for this, this video is a testimony.

The animals, if they lived in the wild, would have definitely got conditioned to kill. But living with Mr. Amte they have learned to be docile. Their inherent tendencies to hunt didn’t catch up and the new conditioning which they received in Mr. Amte’s care helped them adapt and to be loving creatures. We are all made of love. We have just forgotten that. It is all a matter of conditioning.

Link of the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TjAwHdGN7o