For most of us it is very difficult to stand our ground when we are in middle of an emotional storm.

Sometimes suffering becomes so great in one’s life, that they believe the only way to end it is by killing oneself.

But what really is an emotion and its life span?

Emotion is just a feeling which comes and stays for a while before vanishing again. But during the storm we are not able to see this fact clearly.

Emotional storms are just like the storms we see in the nature.  In a storm we can see branches and leaves of a trees shaking and moving violently. Giving an impression that the tree will not be able to withstand the storm. But if you focus our attention on the trunk of tree, you will see it is firmly rooted in soil and standing rock solid.

Similarly when faced with an emotional storm, we need to shift our focus from  feeling the pain which is usually felt in our brain and heart to a part in our body which is firm and rock solid. 

This is where the role of regular practice of meditation comes in. 

We can do it by shifting our focus to our breath. Focus on rise and fall of abdomen while taking slow and deep breaths. Don’t think, just focus on your breathing in navel region for ten minutes. You will see that intensity of emotions has subsided and you can see clearly again as if sun has come out shining brightly after a hail storm. You can see the clear blue sky of tranquility.

Thank you, please share your views.

Jai Shree Hari.