A fakir used to grumble daily to God about what a miserable life he had. Everyone he knew, even the beggars that used to beg next to him, seemed happier than him.

One night he dreamt that there was a large hall and it was filled with thousands of people. Even his contemporary beggars were sitting there.
Everyone was holding a bundle on which ‘their sorrows’ had been wrapped. Under that was the holder’s name.

A voice came “There are nails on the wall, go hang your bundles on them and come back and sit down.”

They all did that.

After a while the same voice said “Now go and pick any bundle you like”.

To his surprise, the Fakir came back with his own bundle.

They were all allowed to peek into the bundles of others too.
If you let people choose from the wall, they may choose a bundle based on appearance. A smaller bundle, a better looking one just like how we see the lives of others on FB or Insta. Everyone seems to be having a terrific time, but we never get to see their bundle of sorrows

I’m sure the Fakir peeked into the bundles… and one more thing. He then peeked into his own bundle and found that the weight of his bundle was heavy because of one thing. Once he understood that, the bundle became like a feather.

The moral of the story is that we grumble about our life so much yet we choose our own bundle because we are acquainted with our own sorrows.

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