Though most of our needs can easily be met by working for few hours per day, we are rushing like mads, toiling hard.

We, human beings, have degraded ourselves to “money making beings”.
We are tyrannizing our bodies and brains to make money… more money.

Disregarding our health, we slog like bullocks in the fields to :
(a) acquire luxuries of life.
(b) amass wealth for our progeny. (c) to accomplish our superfluous desires.

Erroneously we think that fulfilment of desires brings happiness.

Though a satiated craving brings temporary “relief”, it gives birth to more intense yearnings.

This foolish pursuit of quenching desires brings only restlessness and discontentment, nothing else.

Vainly we are trying to extinguish the fire of desires by pouring more and more ghee(clarified butter)!

I opine that for a reasonable standard of living, each employable person should be permitted/given work for only 6hours/day, till the age of 55 years. This will not only dwindle the extent of underemployment, unemployment but also enable us to be better, wiser human beings.

The time on one’s hands must be utilized in introspection.

Cultivate the habit of sitting alone, calmly for few hours everyday, shorn of your stupid thoughts.

Mull over the doctrine of “Aprigraha” (non-possessiveness) as advocated by Hinduism, Buddhism and prominent thinkers.

You will gain lots of invaluable insights.

You will realize the peril, folly of accumulating more than necessary bank balance that would definitely become a bone of contention among your kith and kin, after your departure from this world.

You will realize that leaving behind piles of wealth will only make your progeny indolent, peccable.

Your false ego would be shattered to pieces with the illumination that contrary to your belief, you’re not indispensable.

You are only a speck and play forgettable role in this vast, ever going, ever-changing kaaynaat (creation).

Surely you will start living each and every moment fully.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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