I hope you read the title and subtitle.
Well- here’s a post from a chashmish, to tell you whether it is so or not.. .

I had been horrified when I was first told that I was going to have to wear spectacles. Shocked. Silenced. Stricken. Call it whatever you want. This ten-year old had cried for hours in the puja room asking Sri Hari to remove them. (Yes, even before I even had them made.)

The question is, Why? Don’t ask me. It’s a mystery to me till this day.

I had been having blurred vision for months. But I didn’t care to tell anyone, because I felt I was just fine. Gradually, the number obviously increased and so the beautiful white paper that was handed to my mother had a neat number three scrawled on it. The number had probably been caused by the increasing amount of ipad that I had been using, sometimes playing temple run, other times, subway surfers. (That’s why kids, a mumma will say to her kids, you don’t play too much on devices.)

At first, I sulked a lot, and always found a reason to take them off. If I could have, I would’ve thrown them away. But, obviously, as I grew up, like any other bespectacled kid, I found them to be an inseperable part of my life. Where I earlier used to have them lying about, I now sleep with them on sometimes, accidentally.
I have already narrated my entire story. Now comes the question- Does wearing spectacles make you see the world as a kinder place? You tell me.

My entire fourth grade had been spent in eye agony- My work remained pending because I couldn’t see the whiteboard, and blindly copied what my seat partner had. I could never read scores on the scoreboard or watch the telivision from the farthest sofa. My parents sometimes asked me if I was fine- but I didn’t even have the sense to tell them.

It was hard, irritating and annoying. I felt wistful when smeone would read out the canteen menu for me from the distance. ( Not for food, for eyesight.)

But, at least, the good part was I found how wonderful this world was. Nobody ever refused me work. If I told anyone of my problem, they were happy even to dictate what was on the board. One of my seat partners would even borrow someone’s notebook and bring it to my seat for me, and I was never denied the right to sit on the first seat if asked. I was surprised and touched. At home as well, my mother and father asked me if I was okay, and so did the rest.

I myself had changed. Earler if I found someone groping about for their spectacles, I was rather unkind and laughed at them. But wearing them myself now, I know it is hard without them.

The world to me, seems kinder after wearing speactacles.
So, what do you think is the answer? Yes, or no?

P.S By this post, I’m not telling you to wear spectacles. So don’t worry! 🙂

Stay Happy forever!


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