How many of you have trieed to lose weight and failed or found it difficult? I am pretty sure most of you know what I am talking about. I was thinking about what topic to write about in the next post and I couldn’t think of anything better. So this topic is something really special to me because ever since I remember, I have always struggled with obesity and weight loss. I have tried every possible diet and exercise on earth. 18/6 diet, Low carb diet, no carb diet,liquid diet,Atkin diet, Jogging,strength training,yoga and what not. But through my journey I have realised one thing ” weighing scale is not a measure of your health and definately not of your beauty.” Health comes in all shapes and sizes. So I share in this post my life long journey about health, happiness and weight loss.

    This is a really long topic so I will be sharing it in 3 divided parts 

       The first thing this journey has taught me is thatthis body we are blessed with is a gift from the devine god and we should learn to treat it with utmost respect and care.  So I was on this hopeless journey of weightloss when I came across this book called” lose your weight, not your mind”by celebrity nutritionist Ms Rujuta Dewakar. All my learnings come from this book and our beloved Swamiji’s book” The wellness sence”.

        So without any further delay,let’s start our journey.

1)Key is to improve your metabolism:

          Obesse people have lower metabolism than other people. So if you want to lose weight and don’t want to gain it back really fast then you should try to improve your metabolism. Your body tries to slow down the metabolism and conserve energy when you give it less input. So when you are following any crash diet, you may lose weight really fast but you will gain it back really fast and the next time you want to lose weight again, the same threshold of dieting and exercise won’t be enough for you.

2)If you can’t follow it for your whole life, don’t go on that diet:

      Dieting and weightloss is more like a habit to be learnt for whole life . It doesn’t happen in one day. If you can’t follow that diet for whole life, don’t go on that diet. Try to develop a habit eating healthy and wholesome food. That’s going to help you in a long run. 

3) Develope habit of eating something every 2 to 3 hours.

       I can’t stress this enough. Have you ever observed that when you are really hungry, you actually end up eating all kind of junks and unhealthy food and you endup eating more than usual. It’s essential to eat something every 2 to 3 hours to improve your metabolism and to keep you energetic through out the day.  On a daily basis you should have 3 main meals and 3 mini meals or snacks inbetween. You might ask that how am I going to lose weight if I am eating this much amount of food ? But if you observe, you will notice that you will be eating the same quantity or may be less but in multiple decided meals. When you eat a lot at a time, the high glycemic index food increase your blood sugar level really fast which increases the level of insulin. Insulin is a anabolic hermone whose main go is to reduce the blood glucose level. So it converts sugar to fat and that fat gets stored in your body and makes you gain weight. The fat that we consume from outside is mainly PUFA(Poly unsaturated fatty acid), essential fatty acids and good cholesterols. These are really beneficial cholesterol that are used by our body for various hermones,vitamin d and cell wall synthesis. But the fat that is formed in our body by insulin( also known as denovo fat synthesis ) is mostly ldl and vldl. These are called bad cholesterol. They don’t play any role in our body. Instead the got deposited in our blood vessels causing high cholesterol, dyslipidemia, and atherosclerosis and hypertension.

            So that’s all for today. I will covering rest of the things in next two posts. I hope you all liked this post and it was informative for you all. Thank you for reading this post. May lord bless you all with good health and happiness. Radha Krishna bhagwan ki jai.

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