Your overwhelming response to my post the other day, I am tempted to write this sequel. 

Enter the Golden Palace in Sadhana App to meditate on golden idol of Ma Lakshmi. As you close your eyes you will be able to visualize Her very easily as compared to any other image of Ma Lakshmi. Express your one desire to Her. Remember only ONE, not two and never three. Do not be greedy. You want a decent job, a hike in pay, good profit in business, gold coins, exquisite food, luxurious car, expensive clothes, magnificent mansions, wisdom of righteous thoughts, righteous words and righteous deeds, knowledge of immortality, or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The choice will always be yours. She is the embodiment of grace. It is Her nature to be eternally merciful to her devotees and bless them in opulence. 

On Diwali 2021, Om Swamiji said, “Good acts are mandatory prerequisites to spiritual activities like chanting, meditation etc. In the absence of these prerequisites, one’s devotion becomes bereft of spiritual grace and strength. It is incomplete and leaves us spiritually weakened. Sri Narayan can be attained with purity and good deeds. Sri Bhagwan and Sri Mata reside in the hearts that are brimming with purity.”

Put a cut on your expenditure and light the lamp in someone else’s life with that saved money. This Diwali, I will not be decorating my house with decorative lights, attractive lamps, glass jar lanterns, colorful candles, creative rangolis, fresh flowers or any other costly decorative items rather I will be helping the bubbling students who are interested in upgrading their knowledge with the course ‘Walk the Dragon’ by Om Swamiji so that they can ‘learn and earn’. In future, when they will be financially sound, they can pay this course forward to other needy ones. In this way, we all can take baby steps to make this world a better and a more beautiful place to live. This is my way of welcoming Ma Lakshmi.

One can also opt to eradicate one of the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger, greed, lust etc. or one can develop a good virtue like compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness etc. Swami Tejomayananda said, “The most beautiful thing to do this Diwali is to forgive everyone around us. Once we forgive, the intellect becomes subtle, pure and mature. We will be filled with love and happiness.”

Once again, I request you to donate generously in Sadhana App, this Diwali!

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Pic : Golden Palace in Sadhana App